1 year 3 weeks 5 days

Ryan has been very very vocal and very very interactive since the last few weeks. He can be very drastic in his ways of showing his likes and dislikes. One minute, we could be in a simple role play game and he’ll go Hee Hee Haa Haa laughing happily there, the next minute he will be clinging tight on you wanted you to carry him to his desired next source of entertainment and if we pretend to ignore he’ll get all cranky and fussed up. Sometimes I just wonder where did he get all the burst of energy 14-15 hours a day, 7 days a week
Anyways, it’s part and parcel of bringing up a child I know that well. I’m so thankful Ryan is borned a healthy strong baby. Flashing back to a year ago, Ryan was barely a month old and the only expression he could show was his usual blur face not knowing what’s happening around him.

When Ryan is happy, he will surprise us with how affectionate he can be. He will come to us, hold on to our head and start banging his head against ours (yeah.. that’s his way of showing affection konon-nya). On the other side of this little fella’s character, he can be quite stubborn. He’ll point to you the things he want and start “MMM MMM MMM – EH EH EH – MMM MMM MMM – EH EH EH” and it goes on and on and on and on until he gets what he wants. I hate to say this but sometimes we just gave in because he’s just too noisy. *slap head*. This is also exactly what happened that day. Of course coupled with his usual million dollar tears, he is always the winner in this silent game.

Come back to the analogy part. It is not that I have not been strict. The word “NO-NO” and the “NO-NO” handshake were the first few words/expressions he learnt. But I must admit sometimes I slacked and just couldn’t be firmed enough especially when I see his pitiful face. I would gave myself excuses like – Oh, he’s just a baby etc etc etc… but if I use my senses more rationally, the explanation is, in a mother’s eye, her child will always be her baby regardless the age. So, how do I know when is the best time to assert strict discipline. Aiks… you know.. it’s very ‘sum toong’ (heartache) when I see him cry because of something he loves to have. Arrgh..that look on his face. My heart just melts.

But moving on, I must must must learn to be more firm on disciplining the little monster; in the name of his future’s sake la. It is not easy I know, and I have no experience for sure…knowing me myself is also not a very discipline person…*blehhh* but I promise myself, I shall try my best as I definitely do not want my child to grow up being a spoilt brat with no respect for others what not. You know, when a child is a spoilt fella, it is always the mother that gets the blame most of the time. A very common chinese phrase you’ll likely get is “Wei, lei ah ma mo gau lei ar” (Your mummy never teach you). So Ryan… I want you to grow up be a good boy, good person to the your family and the society. Don’t let anyone scold your mummy with the phrase above ya.. :P

More notes to Ryan: Ryan, you may hate mummy for being so strict on you but as I always say, someone has to be the ‘bad guy’ in the family and I’m sure you’ll understand mummy’s effort when you grow up to become a successful young man one day. Mummy’s love is always with you. :D

Wish me luck…

To all mommies out there.. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

13 thoughts on “"MMM MMM MMM, EH EH EH"”

  1. Good! i like your spirit such that u love your boy but u tend to be strict at times on him to make sure that he doesn’t turn out to be bad or spoilt! Happy Mummy’s day !! **I’m saying on behalf of your son!! **

  2. just give in la..still baby mah…LOL! we give in most of time, what a failure parents here..:<

    my MIL used to say the phrase la..

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

  3. Love the scrap! And yeah, some1′s gotta be the disciplinarian. Unfortunately, it’s us mothers. Pfffftttt.. hahah!

  4. Min: Yeah.. hopefully he’ll understand where i’m coming from leh..

    Jazz: Thanks.

    Huisia: Yeah lor.. alwiz give in. I’m a bad mummy. No discipline at all :P

    Sasha: Thanks.

    Papajoneh: Thanks.

    M2C: Trying Trying

    MM: Oki Oki.. must go!!

    M2A: Thanks again.

    Annie: Thank you thank you. See u on Sat.

    Nadia: Yeah lor.. mummy the garang queen of the house.

    Judy: Sure sure…forgot to ask my MIL how to write. Now she tidur edi.. Oopss..

  5. all the best huh..

    We all parents, need to know when to give in when not to and when to dicipline them.. not easy hor?

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