Having a Mind of His Own

@ 1 year 4 weeks
My goshhhh…. You know, the little fella can be so persistent when it comes to the things he want. It just amazes me of his ability to remember incidents, happenings, things that we assume he would have forgotten.
Scenario 1 tonight:
Daddy was having dinner. Instead of minggling around the dining area, tonight Ryan decided to be different. He was continuously MMM MMM MMM, EH EH EH while pointing towards the staircase. I knew he wants to go down but mummy being very lazy just ignored his babbling. The lil fella refused to give up.. continued to bleh bleh bleh… until mummy gave in and followed the big taukeh’s (boss’) instruction all the way to the car porch. I actually thought he wants to go out for a walk. But guess what… instead he pointed to the car steering wanted to get on to the driver’s seat and play!!! *slap head*
Scenario 2 tonight:
We have bought the whole range of the Ferrari collection from Shell. Of all, we noticed Ryan was paricularly fond of the F1 car out of the 6 models. However bcos of its pointy shape, I refused to let him play with that. This evening, Daddy came home with 2 more (Enzo and 360 Spider). Unlike usual, Ryan paid more attention to the piece of packaging and kept EH EH EH EH… and kept shoving the piece to Daddy. We just couldn’t decipher what he wants… We put the piece away, he EH EH EH, we passed the piece back to him, he went EH EH EH again and shoved it back to us while pointing to *gawd* knows what…. Quite a drama as we were beginning to feel a little frustrated having difficulty understanding Ryan’s gestures. Finally.. with extra bit of patience, we realised he was pointing to the F1 car picture on the piece of packaging.. To prove ourselves right, Hubs went and got Ryan the F1 car from the drawer and instantly Ryan kept silent and start playing with his beloved Zoomm Zoomm. Phew~~~
Scenario 3 tonight:
I gave Ryan a bit of Daddy’s Air Mata Kucing (Longan Drink). I find it a little too sweet so I only gave Ryan a few sips to satisfy his curiousity. Of course it’s never enough for Ryan and he continued to demand more. Again, I ignored his demands and distracted him by reminding him of sponging time (Ryan loves bath and sponging time). Ryan continued to EH EH EH, rolling to left and right throughout the whole sponging time. *Geram*… but just ignored him la. Then when Daddy came up awhile later after dinner with his fav drink, Ryan saw and without hesitation, he went EH EH EH EH, and pointed straight to the cup. Alamak~~~~~out of sight is no longer out of mind. Anyways, in case you’re wondering. No, I did not give him any extra sip of the drink. *blehhh* Mummy is that cruel….. :P
Generally Ryan is more expressive and definitely has a mind of his own now. He will show you his likes and dislikes, where he wants to go, what he wants, what he doesn’t want, what not. His language comprehension has also improved much. He could understand simple instructions and able to recognise people with their name. He knows very well who’s Daddy, Mummy, YehYeh, MaMa, Linda (maid), Po-Po, Ah Yee (my sister), Wei Wei Kor Kor, Auntie/Lai Ma, Uncle, KorKor, MeiMei (the other bb under nanny’s care)… etc.
Check out the sequence of happenings below: Pics taken on 10 May 07
EH EH EH EH EH……….” Ryan calling out for Daddy.

Daddy giving an extra help here. Ryan being very patient and staring intently.

All Done?

Daddy’s done.. but not quite the lil fella

Close-up – Ryan getting busy here.. Heehee…

10 thoughts on “Having a Mind of His Own”

  1. so cute!! i love seeing his photos!! he has the cheeky looks!! :)good memory and expressive are both good means he will do better in his studies in future!!

  2. Pandai already Ryan.. Mummy must learn how to decipher more of the taukeh’s msges and gesture now.. :P

    Btw, maybe you can try to teach him sign language.. It’s quite useful.. I taught Zara a few signs, like pain, more, I love you. When she couldn’t pronunce those words, she can sign to me and make me understand her. I find this useful.

    Especially PAIN, it helped me once to know that she had very bad tummy ache, and brought her to the hospital A&E to check. True enough, she had bad food poisoning. Luckily she was able to sign to me, or I wouldn’t know what the crying was all about.

  3. I so can understand your frustrations! I’m facing the same problem too. Eh eh eh here, eh eh eh there.. don’t know what he wants! Ish!

  4. haha..same as my sons..they still can speak a lot till now..also point here and there and if they dont get the things they want..they will start to fuss and so do me! haha
    yea..that Shell Ferarri car i also got two at home, but my boys dont like to play..they are into gun!! So voilent!

  5. all kids will go through this phase.Like Darrius now, wakes up only wana go ‘kai-kai, walk-walk’!!!

  6. Min: Thanks. I do hope he will put his determination to good use. :P

    HuiSia: Sometimes he scares us with his actions..

    BR: Yeah lor, I was so surprised. Scary… Cannot cheat the fella anymore.

    ZM: Thanks for yr tip ZMM. Must check it out…

    CPM: Bigger headache too

    Nadia: Yeah lor, geram hor

    Sasha: Just hope he will put it to good use

    Annie: Hahaha, I can imagine your scenario.. x 2

    Angeleyes: Jialat lor..

    *** Wonder why they can’t be like Daddy Mummy just sit lazing around hor.. *blehhh*

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