Classic example of selfishness

Ryan @ 7 years

On the way to school, we passed by a neighborhood kindergarten that looked unkept.

Mommy: I think I will send Didi to this kindergarten.
Ryan: (surprised) Why Mommy?
Mommy: … Because your old kindergarten is on balloting system. We need a backup.
Ryan: NOOOOOOOO…. Send Didi to Cempaka kindergarten.
Mommy: (pleased.. At least he cares about his brother and was upset I’m sending his brother to a tacky kindergarten) Why not? Why must send Didi to Cempaka?
Ryan: You must send Didi here so you can drive your car in and I don’t have to walk so far to my classroom (Parents of Reception students can drop the child at the school lobby).
Mommy: O-O 😵😵😵 (Just when I thought he really cared for his brother)


Taken on the train from Tokyo Disneyland (Maimaru Station) to Tokyo Station.

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