Ryan’s answers

Ryan @ 7 Years


1. Study hard
2. When I do my homework
3. When I’m naughty
4. When mommy tickles my leg
5. Very good. Not like Didi
6. 36
7. Very tall
8. Take care of me
9. Taking care of Didi
10. Singing or dancing and teaching me
11. Taking care of me and Didi
12. Juggling a ball
13. Take care of the house and us
14. Tropicana lime ice cream
15. Mommy takes care of me and Didi very well
16. Shark from the cartoon Zig and
17. Learn, Study, Play, Relax, Watch TV..
18. We like the same ice cream
19. Mommy like durian I don’t. It’s nice but too sticky. (Haha what a reason)
20. Because mommy take care of me, play with me…
21. Visit Auntie Chris (Brayden’s Mommy)

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