Fascination with ‘s’

@ 20 months 4 weeks 1 day

Ryan’s speech development has progressed notably based on my own assessment. It was last week (for the first time) during the Jula Gabriel class, Ryan was complimented by another mommy for his ability to name many things that he sees in the class. Before we came to SG, many told me Ryan is a late bloomer bla bla bla when it comes to his speech. Well, I’m not exactly angry at them but just pity the little one to be judged by people who are strangers to him. It is true Ryan started late. At 16 months he barely know a few words – less than 10 words. But 4 months later, I’m glad he progressed well and am really proud of his development. I like to think that this SAHM’s effort is finally bearing some fruits. *smile*

In class, Ryan is still shy and clingy but at least he showed more interest and was more receptive last week. Hopefully in time he can open up, become less clingly and able play with his peers without clinging on to mommy so much.

I also noticed Ryan’s understanding of Mandarin language is deteriorating. I realised he can’t pay as much attention during the Mandarin session as compared to the English’s session. Am seriously considering to start speaking (my half past six) Mandarin with him…. *puzzled*

Back to the subject, lately Ryan is veryyyyyyyyyy fascinated with the word ‘S’ after I taught him to pronounce the word ‘bus’ correctly. He used to pronounce it as ’ba’. After learning the magic alphabet S, he’s now adding it to words he knows (including singular noun, verb)- cars, walks, wheels, planes, suns, moons, vans, drinks, trains, clouds, balls, mills, etc (cant remember all). *headache*

Lately we’re able to engage in small talk with Ryan. Below were some of the conve we had with the little one:


MaMa: *Drinking orange juice*

Ryan: MaMaaaa, drink juice (indicating he wants the juice)

MaMa: OK.. it’s cold, just drink a bit okay.

Ryan: A bit

MaMa: OK.. enough

Ryan: MaMaaa.. a bit more

MaMa: Hahaha.. okay.. a bit more for you


Middle of the night… (usually ard 5am)

Ryan: Tossed and turned. Mommyyyy…. drink milk

Mommy: Mmm… (eyes closed)

Ryan: Mommmyy.. mum-mum milk

Mommy: Mmmm… okay okay

Ryan: Switch on TV (pointing to the TV)

Mommy: *Rose up in a dash* Okay, Okay mommy make milk, you stay in bed


In the car:

Ryan: Mommy.. meiyo big bus (usually referring to double deck buses)

Mommy: What about small bus? (single deck bus)

Ryan: Oh no…. meiyo small bus


Ryan likes to use the words “Oh no” and “Oh Oh” (think he picks that up from Thomas & Friends) with face frowning full of expression….. (as seen here)

16 thoughts on “Fascination with ‘s’”

  1. jo started to talk when he was about 3. so no need to worry. :)

    EM: I was a little worried at first but looking at his progress now, kinda fong sum already.

  2. He is so much advance than any other same age kids….so the words he know…my one about 20 months old liow still not able to call out Mama by own, unlike if ask to say.

  3. No worry, he is much more advanced already.. my son also use to be ‘said’ by other ppl, even his own grandma (my mil) that he very ‘slow’ in speaking compare to his cousin sister… i like u, felt sad on hearing that.(no mommies feel good on that) But just treat ‘others’ talk nonsense, is our own son, we know them the BEST !! :)

  4. lately Cruz also love to use “Oh no” very much..he will said “Oh no..very nice!”hahahahaha
    Ryan start earlier than my boys, mine one only start talking a lot after i put them at nursery.

  5. wahhh that face really shows something leh… what is he watching?

    dont worry .. he’s good already. My son like 3yrs old only say something.. now. too much alrady… so enjoy it. :)

  6. Ian just turned 20 months old this week, and he isn’t saying “mama” and “dada” at all. He just babbles a string of insignificant sounds and points and that’s it. I am quite worried, and we are sending him next month to a speech program get evaluated to see if there’s anything wrong with him or if he’s just a late talker..

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