In Class

@ 21 months 3 days

The little one in class during snack time yesterday. I don’t understand why he is very fussy on his food (neither hubs or I are fussy eaters). There were fruits, corn flakes, sausages served but nothing interest him. While the other kids were busy gobbling down the food served, The only thing Ryan had was the apple juice. Truly difficult to please…

Busy kepoh-ing at other’s. His food was left untouched.


Having his apple juice. Not long after I snapped this pic, he spilled all the drinks on his shirt! *slaphead*



13 thoughts on “In Class”

  1. well when he goes hungry..i’m sure he’ll gobble down the food like the others:)

    EM: He’s very skeptical when it comes to new food. It’s the same at home…

  2. my jo too, he doesn’t like the foods that served by school, and he looked extremely hungry every time he back to home.

    EM: Oh.. what do they normally serve Jo?

  3. eh i think ah…maybe he want someone to feed him? but he look so kwai kwai sitting there. Eh about the spilling drink dun worry. Mine does it if we don;t control the cup for him.

    EM: I was next to him trying to feed him those food… he ‘so to mm so’. That’s why I decided to take my phone out and start snapping away.. :P

  4. Maybe he wants someone to feed him? Hehe. Nways, damn goodlah he – can hold the cup like that.

    EM: No la.. wish he’s like Irfan. This son of mine is one fussy pot.

  5. hehe.. he looks like big ‘ko ko’.. observing other kids enjoying the food …

    sometimes we just prefer our kids like DBKL, just ‘took’ whatever food we serve them oh..

  6. Jaden is going thru’ that stage too – doesn’t like to eat. Koko Ryan is a much better eater but at one stage, he doesn’t like his porridge as well. Thank goodness now he likes to eat and can eat a lot too! :p

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