Graduating from Standard 1

Ryan @ 7 years 6 months

Time flies. In a blink of an eye Ryan has completed 11 gruelling months in Sri Cempaka.

Why I said gruelling? Gruelling because it was indeed a challenging year.

Ryan came from a non academic kindergarten that focussed on character building. The kids were not taught to write until 5 in the kindergarten. They were only exposed to phonics and maths at 5 going 6. Ryan was not able to read independently upon graduation from Soka. Instead they were taught on respect, honesty, independance just like their motto- Strong, Righteous and Lively.


So do I have regrets? No. Well, no regrets. Ryan excelled and grow at different aspects of life. Academic is important but life values are no less significant too so I am glad he spent 3 good years with the kindy of course having said so I wouldn’t mind the school do a little more to prep the kids for challenging years ahead.

Anyways, despite the poor foundation, Ryan did fairly well in class this year.

You see, Cempaka is a weird school. Weird in the sense, partially, they follow Singapore system because Mathematics and Science are taught in English. All the two subject textbooks and workbooks are based on Singapore MOE approved syllabus. I even had to stock up on his Standard 2 workbooks during my last trip to Singapore.

Maths and Science aside, their English subject is also an adaption from the Singapore syllabus but since I could get pretty good source of English workbooks here, that’s not an issue. Afterall, English is his mother tongue so I’m not too overly concerned.

Now here comes the biggest challenge. His Bahasa.

At 7 years old, albeit only in Standard 1, students in Cempaka are taught KSSR Standard 2 syllabus. 40 words of Ejaan and half a page of Rencana is something the 7 yo are expected to get used to. By end of year, the same 7 yo are expected to write a 3 paragraphs karangan on topics like Aku Sehelai Sapu Tangan or cover a story on Kemalangan Jalan Raya. Gosh.. sometimes I wonder how did Ryan survive.

During the mid term parents and teacher meet, we were told to buck him up on Bahasa. He was weak in the subject but still a B nevertheless so I wasn’t too worried.

The following few months Ryan’s Bahasa improved leaps and bounds. His marks were in the 90s range (Sistem Bahasa) for all his Topical tests. *Mommy’s hardwork. So don’t think SAHMs are really stay at home mom with nothing on her plate. We play important roles, too!* Oh, did I not mention there are 7 exams in a year – 2 major and 5 topicals throughout the year. *stress*

During the recent parents teacher meet in October, we were told Ryan came out Top 5 in class of 21 students and he needs to brush up on his Bahasa and cut down careless mistakes. When I heard that, i was in a state of shock. Ryan’s results though not excellent was actually not bad. He got above 90 for almost all his subjects and that rendered him Top 5? It sure was a very competitive class wasn’t it. Anyway, I’m glad he did his best. Overall, the session was okay. I was expecting his personal tutor to share more on his day to day in class. Well, nevermind.

So here we are. Survived Standard 1 and looking forward to another good year next.





Ryan made a few good friends. They are Iskandar (His neighbor in class whom Ryan described as the crying baby because the latter will cry for the most trivial matter like losing an eraser), Isaac and Weng Kiat both his partners in crime, Jasper and Clarkson. Hope the boys will be streamed into the same class next year and may their friendship prevails.

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