Fun @ Botanical

@ 21 months 2 weeks

Ryan @ the picnic session, Botanical Garden
Organised by Julia Gabriels 

Picture speaks thousand words….

In case you’re wondering.. the shot was taken right after he threw a ball up…


That’s the ball…




I actually quite like this pic…




This is Verlynne, Ryan’s classmate from Shichida’s.. Ryan likes to play with her all the time. Isn’t she adorable…


This shot was taken in the morning after shower. In deep thoughtssss…..


17 thoughts on “Fun @ Botanical”

  1. I love all the pics! The first one, looks extremely happy. The 2nd one, make me realized he’s getting more and more MR Lim Alike. The 3rd pic, he ter scratched his face izit? And I really suka the last pic!

    EM: No.. not a cut. Jus a facial vein

  2. Hi, have been following your blog for a while. YOu have such a adorable son. He is so happy playing. Great photo shot. These are the moments that you would like to capture in the photos and in your heart forever.

    EM: Hi SooMing, Thanks for your support. :D

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