Potty Training

@ 21 months, 2 weeks, 2 days

I kinda gave up potty training Ryan for a while mainly because I feel that he is just not ready. No matter how much effort and patience I put in, he refused to pee or poo on his potty. When that failed, I thought maybe he prefered the WC so bought him the booster seat. When he saw the cartoons on the booster seat, he fussed and refused to sit on it. Should have gotten a plain one (Arrghh..)

 Anyways, today during shower suddenly he looked me in the eye with that strange face (you know that funny looking face when one needs to poo.. ha ha). So I quickly grab the potty and made him sit on it. Waited and waited.. voila… this time it’s a success. *cannot imagine one can actually be happy to see poo.. ha ha*

Actually if you ask me, I find cleaning up the potty ’mess’ far far more disgusting than diaper’s. I actually went like ‘oek’,'oek’ a few times throughout the process. I tried controlling as I do not want to plant a negative impression to Ryan. But.. aah.. really cannot help it.  I guess after a while I’ll be used to it. Grrr….

Hopefully this is not just a fluke shot. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow….. :P

19 thoughts on “Potty Training”

  1. Bryan almost never poo into the potty. He went straight for the toilet. He refused to sit on it, so we had to carry him over the bowl. So we have a plastic stool in the toilet for us to sit on while we carry him.

    Now only he is slowly getting used to sitting on the seat..but still not always.

    Just take it one step at a time. Don’t rush and don’t stress, as it may make matters worse.

  2. Donch worry.. all will come.. when he is ready. :) that was what my MIL said.. and so true. I wished i never had fretted about it. So silly of me.

  3. Raelynne has been potty trained since few months ago. I guess it differs. But perhaps make it a habit and have them poo in the morning which my wife did and so far it works. Every morning Raelynne will poo. Even if she doesnt she would also tell us when she wants to poo.

  4. I’m in this together with you Yvonne… cos it’s been 3 weeks and I’m still trying to potty train Tim… it takes a lot of patience indeed… :) hang in there…

  5. I’ve bought the potty, but only let him use it sometimes. Haha. He has no qualms pee-ing in it, in fact he’d say shee-shee whenever he wants to pee, but have yet to say ‘yak’ and point towards the potty. I think I’d be all grossed out too! :P

  6. later he see liao he’ll think wah so teruk next time i don’t wanna do it in the potty then oni u know…

    anyway, my mum’s trick was, to put few pieces of tissue in the potty first, then oni let them sit, so easier to flush away…

  7. for my 1st son… i’m so stressed out over potty training him too. and believe me it gets harder instead.

    for my 2nd son..i don’t even bother. learn that they will outgrown it somehow. true enough… it’s a piece of cake. i waited until he is older and he kinda just learn how to use the wc naturally.

  8. looks like he is ready, but mummy is not quite! not to worry mama, you will get the hang of it! hhahaaa…

    here i am wishing you and your family KUNG HEI FATT CHOY!!!!

  9. mine tergendala already. like you, i dread to clean up the potty. wei, how come you didn’t ask your maid to clean up ger. i won’t be so nice lor *evil grin*

  10. It is easy to clean the potty if you put a layer of toilet paper at the bottom or some water. After washing, put few drops of dettol. It really smell good.

  11. WAH GOOD JOB! hahaha about the potty cleaning.. hahaha put some water before he poo, then easily u can just pour away. jayden also refused to sit on potty. He will giggle, i think his buttock bone is touching the potty. thats why he finds it giggly.

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