Over the weekend

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We went to the zoo on Sunday. Weather was good and again it was splendid time well spent at the zoo.

On the way to the zoo


One of the rare occassions I could be in front of camera nowadays. Terra.. still as fair as ever.. no sign of turning yellow yet. Hehe..


Noticed the familar faces?


Tarzan and Jane?

That same afternoon we also decided to bring Ryan for another hair cut. I find Ryan’s hair still acceptable la. The front was a little long but still okay. Hubs on the other hand insisted we should bring him for a trim. Too messy apparently.

At the salon, as usual, daddy would have his hair cut first while my responsibility is to calm little fella and making sure he’s comfortable while in the salon. Brought along some toys just in case. This time he picked Thomas and Percy. In between, he twisted 4 balls from the vending machine at a nearby 7 eleven. Here they are…(with one missing sibling. Cant locate the 4th one)

…the forgotten cats (Ryan doesn’t even notice their existence eventho I’ve left it on top of the TV for days)

Just like the last time, I carried Ryan throughout the process. He still wailed out loud but the degree of it was not as bad as the last time. Infact this time round he was far more managable. He’s done a very good job! His hair fell all over our faces, our clothes, but it’s all worth it. When we got home, we headed straight to the shower and pom pom together. Hahahaha… choy! Daddy jealous or not??? Blehhhhh…..

Hair cut: Back view


The best front view shot I could get. Btw.. if you like the shirt he’s wearing, you will find them at BABYnWEAR. I’ll be uploading the new collection soon. Stay tuned ya. :D


13 thoughts on “Over the weekend”

  1. haha..yes u still vy fair and leng lui, tarak muka kuning LOL..

    don’t u just love sg zoo :)

    EM: I cannot rmbr the last time I stepped foot into Malaysia zoo but eversince we came here we’ve been to the zoo 4 times. Must try the Night safari one day tho…

  2. hey , i want the secret to be so fair!!! :) yes yes i want to go to night safari as well !

    EM: Yes.. we should check out the night safari one day. They say it’s really fun!

  3. halo, u lied… cannot find in babynwear, u never update… wahahah… just kidding

    oh oh, FINALLY a photo of u… and nice one too… :D

    EM: muahahahaha… oki oki.. i rephrase .. i “WILL’ be uploading….

  4. YES, u still look so fair and no turn yellow..hahahhahaahhaa
    I thought u said “we bom bom together” is three of u together..LOL.

    EM: Even if we wanna threesom hor, the toilet cant fit. Kakakaka….

  5. Hello leng mummy, can u teach me how 2 ‘maintain’ young look, just like u ar ? :)

    EM: Aiyoo. you looked younger than me tor tor seng

  6. ya wor….how come u sooooo fair ar? should go for a tan someday..more healthy :)

    is that a LV bag on the couch? i think u r a “tai tai” hor? got maid of course not “wong min po” ler

    u so lucky!!

    EM: Hahaha… health is not determined by the color of the skin. Tan, Black or White, so long healthy and strong is good enough leh.

  7. I have a same cryign baby like yours when we go salon, I’ll prepare a spare cloth, so he can change after his hair cut, more comfortable. But I will have his hair all over my body :(

  8. eh i termissed this post. Luckily today i itchy butt go and scroll down and see.

    Eh i like the first pic of yr hub kissing ryan! And u look absolutely Pretty la. Havent turn to yellow yet. Hehehe

  9. Wow…you are REALLY fair. You’d be a great model for all those whitening products :-)

    I like that photo of Ryan and his kung-kung earlier and also the one of Tarzan and Jane LOL

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