Ryan starts Standard 2

Ryan @ 7 years 8 months

Ryan is officially in Standard 2. He did not bad last year. Top 5 in his class. Considering his poor foundation, he did pretty well.

On a few days prior Christmas,  the school uploaded the promotion list. Ryan is going to 2 Terra, the first class. He was a little upset because that means he’ll be separated from a few of his good buddies in 1 Mozart. Well, that’s life.

On the 8th Jan, he started his first day. Traffic was crazy abd we reached school really late. Daddy who took leave dropped us at the main entrance so we could dash in while he look for a parking space.

Some of his friends who came earlier were already seated at the front of the class. (He had wanted to sit with Iskandar). He finally settled in a seat next to Harshan (from 1 Beethovan) at the last row.

There are many new faces in the class but kids being kids I’m sure they will make friends in no time. Let this be a good start to his academic year in 2014.


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