2013 Christmas Getaway

Ryan @ 7 years 8 months
Lil B @ 3 years 11 months

During the school holiday, we brought the kids to Singapore. This time round, we decided to drive since we anticipated a bit of shopping for books and kids’ stuff. Therefor it only make sense to have a car handy since getting a cab in Singapore is really not as convenient as having your own wheels.

We booked a room for 4d/3n at Mandarin Orchard. The hotel is not cheap but due to its location, it is worth every sen.

We left home in KL at 10am on 15th Dec 2013. The traffic was smooth until we reached the custom at Tuas. We spent easily 45mins to 1 hour to get through the custom, including the time spent to sort out the Auto Pass card. By the time we reach the hotel it was already 3.30pm. We were dead tired.

We were upgraded to the Club room, minus the club facilities. I’m not exactly convinced that was an upgrade since we actually booked the premium room which is a newly refurbished room at a higher price than normal room. Anyway, my body tells us to go ahead with whatever room so the kids could rest a bit before we head out later.




After freshen up, we drove to Toa Payoh hub because I wanted to get some books. On our way there, we detoured to Trellis Tower, the place we used to live when we were in Singapore. We also stopped by Cairnhill Tower, the place where we had a short stay before we moved in to Trellis back then. To our surprise, Cairnhill is no longer around. The whole building had been demolished to make way for new condominium project.  How fragile (building) is. Haha…

Ryan had a brief dejavu of the place. We came here pretty often for groceries last time. The place hasn’t changed much. My favourite Kiddy Palace and Popular Bookstore are still there.

After stocking up some books, it started to pour out really heavily. Our initial plan to eat at Forture Restaurant (my favourite restaurant) was dampened by the heavy downpour so  we decided to stay indoor and just eat at the Kofu foodcourt. It’s the first time kids had their meal in a foodcourt. Naturally we ordered food that’s so universal and common and foolproof any tom dick harry will eat. The chicken rice. Yea, how adventurous. All four of us had chicken rice on our first day in Singapore.

After our quick dinner, we drove down to Night Safari. It was still drizzling a bit so we figured it’s a good time to visit to beat the crowd. How wrong we were. The place (as usual ) was packed to the brim. Luckily the queue for the train was not long. We had a good few hours in the night zoo. We even stayed back to watch the show, something we never did the many times we were there previously. It proved to be worthwhile. The show was good and the kids had a good time being entertained by the otters, snake, what not.

… tbc

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