Daddy’s Little Boy

@ 1 year 6 days

Ryan’s sleeping pattern has changed a little. He’s no longer taking his evening nap but yet he doesn’t sleep until it’s 10.00pm. I actually believe he’s now wise enough to realise his Daddy’s schedule and refuses to bed until his beloved Daddy is home to kiss him goodnight. And if you think that’s coincidence, this little monster actually would wake up around 6am ish every morning (the time hubs wakes up for work everyday), giggle giggle with his Daddy and will go back to Zzz-land after Daddy leaves for work. Strange or not??? What a Daddy’s boy.. *jealous mummy gives a grin and evil eyes here**
We have also changed Ryan’s milk to Isomil Plus Advance for 1 year and above. I was a little sceptical at first whether or not I should continue with soy based formula, afterall Ryan seems to have recovered from his baby days infantial eczema. But after reassurance from paed, we decided to stick back to it. Really don’t wish to go through another process of trial and error with milk powder.

I have recently introduced multigrain breakfast into Ryan’s breakfast regime. Kinda to give him more varieties rather than just cereal. Also now that Ryan is a toddler and more active, I would want him to develop a healthy eating schedule like us with strictly solid for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and of course his usual yoghut, teething biscuits, juices, fruits etc as snacks and desserts in between. I’m actually considering to let Ryan have his dinner at home instead of nanny’s. I can’t force nanny for the extra work to cook dinner for Ryan and if I insist dinner at nanny’s place, I have the feeling Ryan’s gonna end up eating the same type of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hmm… Really don’t know what is the common practise. For us, of course we don’t eat the same food 3 times a day but maybe for babies they don’t mind?? *scratch head*

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  1. < ![CDATA[Hmmm... look like everyone is making money from blog. Congrats and good luck!]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Phew.. thank god it's nothing! Love the scrap and Irfan has the same top too... but cannot fit anymore.. haha!]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[it's always hard to kiss gbye with kids, they are all teary and our heartbreaks...but I'm one tough hard rock fella LOL]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[I guess my girl is slightly different. She doesn't mind kissing or waving goodbyes. :P]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[thankfully when i place ashley in her car seat before hubs drive off to drop her at mil's place, she is still in at least i dont feel so bad]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[Alah, kesiannya. Irfan doesn't mind waving bye bye to me, but not to Irwan. He will refuse to look at him when we drive off. Daddy's boy betul!]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[i can understand..Jo was the one like Ryan always showed me about his sad face whenever i left him in nanny's place.]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[I was abt to tell you that point where u think ur baby doesn't like u because u r the fierce one. My personal theory is no matter how fierce n strict I am, my son will still come back to me n he respected my order even though he cries in protest. ;)]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[Biby: Thank you for dropping by. Hope to see you again.

    HuiSia: Kekeke.. no la. Not too late.

    Jazzmint: Sure boh… did u check recently?

    Mom2Ashley: Thanks.

    WeiChuen: Thanks. Feel so hungry after visiting your blog. :P

    Kenny: Yeah lor.. wat to do. Wan sek kan lan… :P

    Sasha: Oki Oki.. still owe you that tag. :D

    Eva: Yeah lor..

    Zewt: Thanks for dropping by. U do have a cool site. Am sure your PR will increase in google’s next PR update. Keep it up~~

    CPM: Thanks. You figured what happened to yours?

    BR: Congratsss!!!]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[Rowena is happy to go to her nanny;s but even happier when I pick her in the evenings. At both occasion, she will happily wave bye bye. HArvynna is the opposite. She frowns when she arrives and frowns when we leave!!]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[Last time my princesses oso like tat, but when they grow older and know am going to work, they won't 'lou gai' anymore!]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[Sad to say, i've tried once in Subang area but the rice was a bit cold and hard(maybe due to low demand)! must try the Malacca's Chick Rice one day! Do u know the name of the shop? or just any shop around ?thanks!]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[DArrius will wave but as long as I'm with him he's fine but if someone is holding him and I'm getting in the car without him... he will scream!]]>

  14. < ![CDATA['s hard to wave goodbye to your child. For me, I can't wave goodbye as Ashley will want to follow me and starts crying. So, I have to hide or run away really quick :D]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[Walaueh, dental appointment also drive so far? The dentist must give you special ratelah like that]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[hehehe..agree with hui sia and imm comment..y the dentist very "leng chai" ar? *wink wink*
    ya..had try once the chicken rice ball..very nice and very cute. I still remember there’s a joke,one of my former hotel manager he went to melaka to try out this chicken rice, when they serve him the rice, he told them, eh i didnt order fish ball la..i order chicken rice!! when he told us, we just couldn’t stop laughing..what a joke!]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[Hmm.. actually hor, I don't know if the dentist is lengchai or not cos he's always with his mask on... *blehhh*.. as for rates.. hmm.. I think not cheap. He only give disc if we're christian. :(

    Annie: Hahahah.. yr hotel manager so ‘farneee’ one.. Hahaha…

    Eva: Tmn Segar got meh?? where exactly??]]>

  18. < ![CDATA[cham la..he started to demand something time you go kai kai sure he will demand more..actually if you wanna buy him something, try not to buy in front of him..]]>

  19. < ![CDATA[hahah.. i know what u mean. sometimes i try to be stern to joel, but when he looks so pitiful, very hard to resist.

    i heard that molars are a real headache. how long does it takes for the whole cranky episode to be over? Joel is showing signs of teething n so cranky.. i cannot imagine when the molars come out.. sigh..]]>

  20. < ![CDATA[yeah.. some how kids have this thing about baloons..

    Tht’s why e.time I go shopping.. I’ll go look for free baloon hand out.. :P

    Wah.. he so fast has molars sprouting already..]]>

  21. < ![CDATA[I also love this chic rice.. but my husband doesn't like.. always complain got MSG..

    so e.time go Malacca also don’t get to eat.. *sigh*]]>

  22. < ![CDATA[FOOWAH! 11 teeth already?? Irfan has 7 thus far. But previously he just drools, doesn't get cranky and all, and I'm hoping that it'll stay that way! :P

    Irfan loves balloons too!!!]]>

  23. < ![CDATA[ boys love ballons too, they call ballons = balls. Whenever they see anything round also ball *roll eye*]]>

  24. < ![CDATA[Ugh...I'm going through this period as well with 2 upper canine teeth coming out. It's crying, crying, crying, carry, carry, carry :P]]>

  25. < ![CDATA[Wow - 11 teeth?? I am wondering when Rowena will have more teeth. Currently, she only has 4!!]]>

  26. < ![CDATA[Huisia: It was the first time he reacted that way. Hv to start teaching him edi, else he may think he could get what he want by wailing.

    mom2ashley: hey, u delivered edi???

    Mag: Easier to say than done lor..

    ZaraMama: Me also..but it’s always when you want it, you dont get it.

    M2A: Yeah.. he’s pretty advanced in teething

    Nicole: Yeah, weather is crazy these days

    Nadia: Aiyoh.. how are you ar?

    Annie: Hahaha… everything also ballssss for them huh.

    Kitty: So ‘sun toong’ hor .. must be painful.

    Sasha: Where you usually hung out? Next time I sms u.. :P

    Hmom: It’s okay, the later they come, the later they drop… ryan’s gonna be teethless before Primary I think.. kekeke..]]>

  27. < ![CDATA[wah many teeth liao!!

    i think vyktore oso same, everytime teething sure gimme probs :(]]>

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