Ryan’s 12th Tooth is also Out

@ 1 year 1 month 1 week 1 day

Many people has commented Ryan has the most teeth for a baby his age. Hmm.. actually, it’s quite true leh. Maybe has to do with the amount of calcium I took during preggie??? Seriously not sure. Anyways, yesterday I noticed Ryan’s 12th tooth (right canine) is also out so today during his dessert I took the opportunity to attempt a few close ups of his teeth. Below is the best shot I managed. I noticed his right canine has actually grown much more than the earlier spotted left canine. That’s really fast. As of today Ryan has:

  • 4 fully sprouted upper incisors
  • 4 fully sprouted bottom incisors
  • 2 PreMolars (left and right) partially out
  • 1 Right canine – 80% out
  • 1 Left canine – 60% out

Now I really really need to discipline the little fella to a good teeth hygiene. He hates it when I try to clean his teeth. Those who remember the baby toothbrush I bought, well.. I am no longer using that. Finger brush still works the best… *slap head*

Pic taken this evening while he was having he was having his daily apple

14 thoughts on “Ryan’s 12th Tooth is also Out”

  1. < ![CDATA[Perhaps you should apply some baby tooth paste. Malaika likes to brush her teeth, I think mostly because she likes to eat the baby tooth paste.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[those were the days.. now they started eating more hard food and there's the headache when to clean his teeth. My style is to do with him. so i have brush in front of him and let him do it himself. need a few high volume voice to force him do it. now, he likes tooo much pulak.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Belle has that much teeth too during that age. Doesn't he bite you when you brush his teeth? Belle always clam her mouth whenever i use the finger brush. Nowdays, i'll just let her hold the toothbrush herself.]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[good can jot down the Ryan's development, i almost forgotten about Jo's stuffs as that time i didn't jot down anything..

    i also used finger brush, actually quite better than baby toothbrush la.]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[jayden use the finger brush by himself. Hahahaha put in then pull out. he thinks that its a toy. So let it be la.]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[How u jot down hw many teeths that Ryan hav ar? Ryan let u one by one kira ar ? until hw, i stil dun hav idea hw many teeths that Ethan hav. haha]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[I bought a tooth brush some time back. Ethan loves it. Why? coz he likes to bite the bristle mar.]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[I think Ryan grows very fast..
    1) can walk at 1 year old
    2) can play shape sorter before 1 year old
    3) has the most teeth as u said

    Darren very “sui sit” (rugi)..now still cannot walk and still banging toys and only growing his 7th and 8th teeth now..]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[forgot to add.he is very good boy hor? Allowed u to take picture of his teeth.. very good shot showing his teeth..]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[As long as he doesn't bite when you use your finger la... if my kids ah, habis lorrr..]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[I have different experiences for my 2 boys. Ryan refused to let me brush his teeth when he was younger and we use the wash cloth. I learned my lesson and I have to make sure that Jaden brushes from young, even before he has any teeth. Now he opens his mouth wide wide...good boy :)]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[MM: Oh, I nv use toothpaste. Where did u get yours. I was a lil skeptical of the amt of fluoride.

    PJ: Kakaka.. dont worry. U’ll get the deejavu soon..

    Vien: He does la.. and he’ll wriggle to break free

    HuiSia: Nvm Nvm.. you record the one inside ya

    Nadia: Ooh.. the say the slower the teeth grow, the longer they stay… Ryan’s gonna go teethless before Primary I think :P

    Sasha: Pandai lor Jayden

    EstherL: Oh, I keep track ma. They usually come out one at a time so it’s pretty easy. The top ones are more difficult to see..

    Mom2Ashley: Yeah.. still the best

    BD: Wah.. u remember??? *shy* Neway, the teeth growth has nothing to do with a baby’s development, health etc.. Infact Darren pandai.. When Ryan go teethless one day, BB Darren will be flashing his nice set of teeth

    BD2: Hahaha, abt the pic.. you see hor, on the right, the mum-mum spoon was there. He ‘Arrgghhh’ for mum-mum

    Sue: Got la, he did bite my finger. But lately he seems to understand when I say *dont bite mummy* then he’ll just clam softly

    Krystal: Sounds like Jaden is easier to manage huh…]]>

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