Singapore Trip

@ 14 months 4 weeks 1 day

Hubs and I went to Singapore on Friday. It was just an overnight trip and we did not bring Ryan along also knowing we simply do not have the luxury to sneak back to hotel during Ryan’s nap times. Yes, no joke. Busy busy day! So, as much as we know we gonna miss him, we made the decision to leave him under to good care of his beloved grandparents.

Hmm.. some of you have known, many have not, hubs and I (and our precious Ryan of course), are moving to Singapore so our trip down to Singapore this round was a jam packed one, itinerary all lined up from 10am to 4pm. Jialat leh. As a result we did not really *benefited* much from the great Singapore sale. We stayed at Raffles Plaza Hotel so the only glimpse we literally had of the sale was from Raffles City and a quick stroll at Takashimaya.

During our short 2D/1N stay, we called home many times to find out about Ryan, if he’s okay, has he eaten, did he nap, etc etc. When we spoke to MIL on Saturday morning she told us Ryan woke up 2 times the night before, 3am and 6am. So pitiful. Bet both MIL and Ryan did not have a good sleep.

We got home around 11.30pm last night. Ryan was already asleep but was quickly aroused when he heard the commotion. I was just next to him and when he saw me, he gave me the sweetest smile ever. So, he missed me. Yay! But but, being the ever Daddy’s boy, that’s it when he saw hubs. He gave Daddy the double sweetest smile, raised up from bed, clinged on to Daddy like a koala bear. Then guess what. The two laid on bed, side by side, just like two lovely birds. Yay! He missed Daddy doubly more!!! No doubt of that. *Adoi~~~ slap head*.

We may be going to Singapore again this Friday and we have decided to drive this round and may as well confirm the exact place we’ll be staying by this weekend too. So far we have shortlisted, Trellis Tower, Orleando, Bayshore and East Meadows. (Anyone familiar with the few areas? Are they good?). Have not looked at any specific units. I am quite astounded by the speed these units are being snapped. Our agent actually lined up 10 units for us to see last week, 7 were snapped the day before. Amazing!

We didnt really have the time luxury to shop around but when we saw this 25inch remote controlled robot, we just knew we had to get it. Damage: Only S$39/ la… -. *Ryan loves it* :P

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  1. < ![CDATA[Oh moving?? Will be a pain packing etc. Hope you've got a reliable packer ie Crown Movers, Asian Tigers etc]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Krystal: Thanks.

    MM: Hubs’ co has arranged Santa Fe to help us with all the relocation needs incl mover wor…]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[When you moving? Good luck with all the packing. Make sure you snap photos of the new place, yah? ;)]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Wow...excited moving to "new place & new environment"? ;)
    Must be busy with packing now right?]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[Bayshore is at East Coast.. and depending on where you and hubby are working.. you may wanna try moving where he works.
    East Meadow is also at the East .. near Tanah Merah MRT.. so i’m guessing his office is in the east..??
    Well..good luck ya..!!]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[Nadia: I'm moving 3rd week of Aug.

    Annie: Hmm.. actually no lor. Nothing to pack. Probably just clothes and Ryan’s toys

    MB: His office will be in Raffles. So, we’re lookg for a nice place, with good amenities not too far from town. Properties in SG is really expensive.]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[Bayshore is really nice - I have a friend who stays there!

    So you are going to be SAHM during your time in Singapore?]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[WWWWHHHAAAATT??? When did this happen? There was no warning at all....hahahahaha...good for you, hubs and ryan. must be pretty exciting to move to another city. When are you moving? Gonna be a SAHM? ;D]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[wah, sound so exciting one...moving to singapore and start a new chapter of your life...hmmmmmm]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[hey good luck (on moving to spore)..anyways, spore or malaysia wont make a diff to us yea? we'll still be in touch via blogging eh?]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[oh my!! u moving to SG permanently?
    i didn’t know that.. are u going to be working for the same “ehem” company or full time mommy?
    wow.. must be really crazy planning the move.. but at least together with baby ryan.. so everything will be fine.. good luck okie..]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[It's good to move to Singapore too since it's getting more and more dangerous in our country. After my colleague's incident, I think it's better to go Sg, although it's expensive and people there are kiasu but at least it's a safe and fair country.]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[I love it too. The Robot is so cute.... Worth it, Worth it! Anything that we bought for our kids, as long as they really like it. Then, it's always worth the money, right?]]>

  14. < ![CDATA[Raffles is in the middle of everything.. and from Bayshore.. it's about an hour to go to Raffles by MRT .. and if you are driving.. it would be at least 30mins. Try to get a place near to the MRT that would save alot of time and money.. for you and hubby. You should try and get in contact with EastCoastLife.. she is in Singapore.. and she would be able to help. Let me know.. if you want her contact.. or you can go to her blog.
    Good luck ya..!]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[I'm so envious!!!!! How come my hubby don't wanna move to SG leh! arrgghh!!! I miss SG so much! Double arrgghhh!]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[hey all the best in singapore hehe..and shall we have a blogger meet before u move there :P]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[i support jazzmint's suggestion...let's have a blogger get together-gether :D it's been awhile since the bday bash.. when are you leaving ah??]]>

  18. < ![CDATA[I have the same question, will you be a SAHM then? Hehe..........

    I think S’pore is better in term of education as compare to M’sia but the be prepared for the kiasuism.

    Blog more about the move.]]>

  19. < ![CDATA[wah finally its out!

    welcome to the island :D (and suffer bad food like me for the past decade hahaha :p)]]>

  20. < ![CDATA[The robot looks worth it.

    Wow.. you are moving to Singapore? Every thing is so expensive, especially child care.

    Good luck huh!

    Btw I tagged you a charity tag.]]>

  21. < ![CDATA[*laffing at julian's comment*

    YAY! Got place to stay edi…

    wei i’ll be in spore too next week. whole week.]]>

  22. < ![CDATA[welcome, welcome to SG! If travel by MRT to work, the timing should be ok even if you stay in the east. But if you are driving, then look for places that are nearer.. anyway SG is small so it is really not far away.. but what abt u?? if you are SAHM travelling with ryan on mrt, then look for places that's near the MRT. better for you.]]>

  23. < ![CDATA[it must not be an easy decision to move away from home country esp having a baby around eh!!

    anyway, good luck to you & family!!]]>

  24. < ![CDATA[Julian: Can can.. pls visit me and help clear the spider web on me :P

    HMom: Need to find good play schs for him.

    Pinky: The answer to yr question, YES :D At least for a while until we all settled down

    M2C: Leaving end Aug and answer is YES

    BR: Excited and Scared at the same time la..

    M2A: Yeah lor.. not much of a difference :D

    Mag: Oh, I tot u knew from Sara

    Elaine: Hope u’ll be there soon too :)

    Healy: It’s really cute and not too ex.

    MamaBok: What’s her link?

    Angeleyes: MY ok ma.. lots of good food wor..

    Jazz, M2C: Sure sure…

    PS: Hehehe.. yes…for as long as I can tahan..

    CM: Why cant they cook like Malaysian ar?

    ZM: Besides housing, I find the rest quite comparable in terms of dollar to dollar. Housing is super crazy now!!!

    Sasha: Eh.. u’ll be in SG for holiday?

    Jean: We may get a car but again that has to be after we settled down. So, best bet is stil to stay in place wi good transport. But very ex! Sob sob…

    G: Thanks thankss….

    Jacss: The offer was simply too good to resist.. so..bye bye MY, hello SG…]]>

  25. < ![CDATA[wau..a big change for u to relocate to a new country and also your role as a SAHM..hope to hear more from you on ur new role by then..

    I was in Singapore last week too. Don’t worry, u did not miss out much on the GSS coz wasn’t really that good too (with the high exchange rate now). Was at Robinson in Raffles City too, quite disappointing. Anyway, once u move there, u’ll have lots of chance of shopping there.

    Good luck in ur move and blog more about it…]]>

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