Ryan running a fever

@ 15 months 1 week 4 days

The last time Ryan fell sick was in April, that was like 3 months ago a week after his MMR vaccine. In between I dare vouch he has been 100% fit (at least much healthier than Daddy for sure). I thank his clean bill of health to his healthy daily intake of yogurt and fish oil. This time round his fever came right after his anti-flu vaccine. The paed did mention the vaccine may/may not cause fever. Arrgghh… don’t I just love and hate all these vaccines!

I know fever is not always an enemy, rather a good sign indicating the body’s immune to fight the invaders. But call me kiasu, name me kiasi. It breaks my heart seeing the lil one sick. When Ryan’s temp peaked at 38.8C, I just had to administer the suppository (my first time :P). When I was ‘doing’ it, hubs asked “B ar.. you know how to do it?“. I kept silent. “Have you done it before or not?” I uttered no words. Arggh.. there I was, kancheong and was trying hard to focus, my hubs was at my side ‘ngam ngam cham cham’ asking me 1001 questions. I really don’t know what else hubs asked. In a blink of an eye, I shoved the suppository in. Phew~ So, if my hubby is reading this post now, here goes my answer “I think so” and “No“. I do not want to tell you earlier knowing you’ll sure ‘Ngi Ngi Ngor Ngor’ questioning if I was doing it right.

Ryan was his normal self all day – still into strenuous activities though he did throw occassional tantrums at Ikea this afternoon, an evident rosy cheeks (quite cute tho), and being extremely clingy to mommy (yay! oopss). His temp has subsided after the supp. Have to continue to monitor him tonight. If it’s really the effect of vaccine, the fever should not last more than 48 hours (according to the ‘What to Expect’ bible la..).

Get well soon baby……..

7 thoughts on “Ryan running a fever”

  1. < ![CDATA[yes yes get well soon ryan! i know..it's so heartbreaking to see our lil ones unwell ya...]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[don't worry Yvonne. Every kid will go through this period. their body is actually learning to adapt new infection, new virus etc... and that vaccine is actually doing its business inside together with the natural anti body. This of course increasing the body temp. It should be ok by around 48 hours.. less than that... anything beyond.. go to the Doc again... but i don't think so. My son gone thru the same experience.
    So no worry, relax… but i do understand :)]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[yeah.....lil one 'sakit', mumy becomes 'zombie'....have to monitor overnight & lack of sleep!
    so ryan good boy…go fight fight off those notty virus!!]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[oh dear....it is heartbreaking when the child is sick. hope he is feeling much better now :D]]>

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