It’s Bacterial Throat Infection Afterall….

@ 15 months 2 weeks

So glad we brought Ryan to the paed yesterday. It turns out his fever has no connection with his flu vaccine. He’s actually down with a bacterial throat infection. Was prescribed Augmentin (antibiotics) and suppositories for fever and pain.

Saturday, 28 Jul
11.00pm – Thermoscan reading showed 38.8C again. Inserted suppository. Ryan rolled and whined all night.. Neither hubs nor me had any good sleep.

Sunday, 29 Jul
3.00am – Wailed for no apparent reason. Ryan’s reading remained consistentlyt at 38.5C. Inserted another suppository.
9.00am – Ryan woke up and started behaving oddly. He was cranky and cannot let mommy out of sight.
11.00am – Brought Ryan to the paed. Diagnosed throat infection and was prescribed medication.
1.00pm – Force fed Augmentin (4ml). Poor baby wailed his lungs out.
2.45pm – Woke up after 1 hour nap.
4.30pm – We laid on bed watching Baby Bright after sponging Ryan. I felt his hands and feet were very cold and poor boy shivered. I quickly turned off the aircon and hugged him for warmth.
– Ryan’s temp peaked at 39.8C. I almost went berserk. Quickly inserted the Venon suppository. Quickly sponged Ryan with wet towel.
6.30pm – The medicine kicked in. He was able to play a bit.
9.00pm – Tucked Ryan in after another round of sponging and suppository.
11.30pm – Nightmare began. Ryan wailed for no reason. After a while of soothing he dozes off.
12.30am – Wailed again. This time no soothing could bring him back to sleep. He decided he wants to be awake.
1.30am – Still awake
2.30am – Still awake
3.30am – Dozed off
4.30am – Wailed again
5.30am – Wailed again
7.15am – Woke up

We literally did not get any sleep last night but thankfully Ryan’s temp remained below 38C. That is the most important. I really don’t mind not sleeping at all. I just want to see Ryan back to his normal self.

Today, 30 Jul
Sent Ryan to nanny this morning. When I told nanny of Ryan’s ordeal, she said this to me:

Nanny: Poor boy. ‘Keh Lian’. He got infected by ‘fei mui’. Fei mui (chubby baby girl) is the other baby cared by nanny.
Me: (Kek sei. Arrgghh… !!!!)

Pic taken last night.

19 thoughts on “It’s Bacterial Throat Infection Afterall….”

  1. < ![CDATA[Poor Ryan and poor daddy & mommy!
    Throat infection very torturing to little kid, jo was kena before..that’s why i know the feeling.

    Hope he gets well soon!
    BTW, ask you nanny inform you if the fei-mui is sick, maybe you can send ryan to your in-laws.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Poor little Ryan. Hope he gets back to his normal active self very soon. Mimi is having the same problem: running fever, coughing.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Poor boy... hope he recovers soon. Irfan's still coughing too. Sigh. Can all the kids stop getting sick so often? Hehehe...]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Yeap, the most important thing is to keep reduce the fever temp. It really break our hearts to see our little one falls ill.

    39.8C, quite high huh?

    Is Ryan ok already?]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[hope baby ryan is feeling better. Hugs!
    he looks so sad..:(

    you better get some rest too k]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[Poor boy. Must pat-pat the FEI MUI.

    Sometimes is like if the nanny take care of few kids at the sametimes. Same goes to Calista :(]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[39.8 is quite high... poor lil Ryan... if anyone one sick (flu,etc) at nany hse ah, think u better send to other optional places temporarily..]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[it's always every parent's nightmare when their kids get sick...poor ryan..hope he gets better soon!]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[Yea, my son also kena before. So i know the feeling... i even panic coz the temp didn't go down. we found later on all becoz of the neighbor's child at auntie's house.

    Hope by today he’s ok already. :)]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[Poor Ryan, i hope he get well soon.. (by e way, CK told me, he 101% look like his dad) kekeke]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[Poor dear Ryan. I absolutely know what you mean when you say you don't mind not sleeping at all as long as he gets well. And you know, we only learn this when we are mothers. Take care...]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[Rowena had that too and she was really miserable. Dont worry , once the augmentin kicks in, he will recover fast]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[How come so many baby get sick these days. Elizabeth got minor fever too. And... this is the first time she fell sick. A bit worried!

    BTW, take care, Ryan!]]>

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