I’m Feeling Better

@ 16 months 3 weeks 4 days

Thank you all for the support. A week has passed and I’m feeling much better. I no longer stresses myself for a 3 dish 1 soup meal for hubs and I’m also learning to keep one eye close when I see strands of hair, papers, threads on the floor, away from the guilt of leaving the house unkept. Everything is well taken care of now. Hubs will take his dinner in the office as he works late (cannot expect him to starve and only eat dinner at 11pm), and cleaner lady will come ‘fix’ my house once or twice a week for 4 hours each ($12 per hour). So my focus is entirely on my little monster’s needs and my own tummy’s fillings. I really appreciate all the advise given as it gave me insights to take things at a slower pace and not expect too much from my little self. The beauty of blogging. Muakss to you all!!
Some pics to share as usual~~

Walking with both eyes closed

Flexi Baby

An Attempt at Self Feeding

OMG.. The Mess

Stacking spree these days

I cooked again for the 2nd time yesterday. This time Fried Meehoon. Just a simple dish yet it took me two hours to accomplish that. Paiseh. I sucks when it comes to cooking and housechores. But I feel really good cos hubs and Ryan loves it. Not bad for a first timer heh… :P

Aspiring singer. Bought him a new toy at Metro Paragon this afternoon

OK.. got to go serve my master dinner. Unsalted butter salmon porridge (with pumpkin and cauliflower) for tonight’s dinner. Yummy~~

26 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Better”

  1. < ![CDATA[Glad to know that everything is settled in SG. Wow...Yvonne, your fried mee hoon looks delicious.. still remember who is our 'si fu' of fried mee hoon and fried rice in Birmingham? haha... remember to cook our main dish fried pasta for Rick.... I still remember he ate one big bowl of fried pasta last time...hahah.....funny funny old days....]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[yea, slowly lar, no need to be bcome perfect SAHM so rush, the most important thing is take your time and enjoy the time together w Ryan, and the journey to 'professional' SAHM! Wish u luck yea!! :-)]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[yea, great to hear you are doing well :D you even cook which is much better than me. I don't have time to do that :D Just eat bread..hahahaha]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[You are doing well.. !! trust me.. coz' uprooting.. is never easy. You keep at it.. and you will get a hang of it.. really soon..! take care..!]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[Glad to hear that u're doing fine Yvonne! Keep it up!
    I like the meehoon, so yummy and with so many brocolli inside.]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[eh, ok wat, i mean yr meehoon looks delicious!!

    d lil boy seemed to be enjoying his singing so much…..such a joyful look !!!]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[good to hear that you hv settle down yourself in sg.
    ehh… ryan so ‘geng’ la… on second photo – flexi baby…. i do yoga for many months already my head still kenot touch my knee… can ask ryan to teach me arr…. :)
    really hope that you enjoy your SAHM]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[hey not bad wor....can cook what unsalted butter salmon porridge..

    And he can bend it like dat ? keng ah!]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[glad to know that u r adapting well. meehoon looks delicious! Not a bad cook mah! Agree with u...close one eye on the cleanliness! u do take good care n dont forget to eat ok!

    btw…a nice award waiting for u from me!]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[Gee, I could bang my head for being unaware of your move. So sorry for not being here to give you a few words of encouragement but glad to see you are doing well. Don't worry too much about the cooking, mine sucks too ;) You'll have time to improve since you are SAHM now.

    Good to know Ryan is doing fine with the adjustment too. Take care dear.]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[I LOL at the pic you took of Ryan feeding himself! So many newspapers...you will run out of steamlah doing that each time he eats. Anyway, he's quite neat =)]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[Good to know that you're coping better. Don't worry, we're all here to lend you a helping hand if you need any help. :)

    And whoaaa.. u lapik the whole carpet ah? I dare not even let Irfan eat by himself at home. Nanti I go crazy trying to clean the mess up. LOL!]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[i saw the newspaper when u feed him can buy those feeding mats. much easier to clean. can wipe when they dirty it. then no need to get yr fingers all black..:)]]>

  14. < ![CDATA[BA: Oki.. next time when you visit me :D

    Elaine: I know who is the ‘sifu’ edi.. Kekeke

    Sifu: Im really getting old. I seriously cannot rmbr your meehoon back old days

    Jazz: Thanksss

    CPM: I’m still amateur stage now

    M2C: I only cook during the weekends now..

    MK: Thank you so much for yr encouragement MamaBok…

    DM: Hahaha.. it’s a phase. Now he stops doing that already. Now he’s in jumping phase. Headache.

    Annie: Hehehe.. actually those are leftover brocollis from Ryan’s dinner. :P Only a few to decorate the side

    MLZ: Still learning.. still learning

    Jacss: Yea.. he had fun with his new toy for awhile. Now sitting next to the wall collecting dust already

    Shooi: FTWM is definitely a much easier role to cope (at least for me). Very stress being a SAHM. Cannot ‘piss off’ the ‘boss’ :D

    Kiasumum: Not sure if he knows how to do it now cos he moved on to other phase already (JUMPING). I wanna faint. *slaphead*

    Sasha: Muahahaha.. as ref for 2nd one (if)

    Dinah: The presentation not bad heh.. :P Actually the taste also not too bad…

    Elly: sometimes hor.. closed one eye already still can see the mess.. Really tak boleh tahan. Thanks for the award. Collected :P

    MMaid: Thanksssss

    Imms: No worries. I know u were busy travelling.. Is Meimei better from the mozzie bites?

    MBB: Actually baby can be very flexible..

    HMOM: Somehow he found excitement by doing that… maybe from my ‘stunned’ face

    KittyCat: It’s actually quite easy.. after he’s done, I jus packed everything and throw it down the shoot. Infact no need to wipe. I’m that lazy. Heehee.. I jus don’t like bcos it’s dirty.. not hygienic. Need to find a solution

    TNP: Glad you enjoyed (smile back)

    Nadia: Hahaha.. i rmbr your tag on ‘weird things’. You mentioned something abt cleanliness there!! :P

    Mag: Thanks for the suggestion. Really need to get one. You’re back to OZ?]]>

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