He Picks, He Plays

@ 16 months 4 weeks 1 day

Yes.. he picks his DVD, he plays his DVD…. :P He even knows which button on the remote to switch on the telly nowadays. Actually wasn’t that difficult. I taught him the ‘red button’. Now he knows…

** Ryan even crawled back to Daddy after his ‘achievement’. Aaah.. actually have not seen him crawled for awhile. Miss those dayss…

Separately, if you’re feeling a little down today, check out the clip below.. Hope this will bring a little smile on your face.
* Clip of Ryan laughing hysterically here while watching an animated Mr Bean show…


Before he could feed himself, he decided to feed others. This evening during mealtime, the poor duck became his victim. :P

Sat his duck nicely on the baby chair

Making sure poor duckie eats its food (squeezing its mouth there). Err.. in case anyone is wondering, NO NO NO, I did not do this to Ryan. Don’t know where he learnt that cruel act :P


Random thoughts…

** Daddy is away for a 3D2N conference in Phuket. Will only be back Sunday. Just mommy and baby ….. lonely lonely nightsss….

** Every evening I will bring Ryan to the park. After spending some time there he will lead me to the pool. When we walk near the pool, he’ll pull his shirt indicating he wants to change into his swim wear and go for a swim

** Ryan will bring me the key when I can’t open his can of raisin (yea.. my fault.. he saw me doing it once)

** Every morning, after bidding goodbye to daddy, he will signal to Daddy (pointing to Daddy’s shoes) reminding Daddy to wear his shoes and then say ‘close’ so that Daddy will not forget to close the door. Funny baby I have here heh…

** French Toast for breakfast, Pumpkin cereal for lunch and Salmon Carrot Porridge for dinner

19 thoughts on “He Picks, He Plays”

  1. < ![CDATA[yes, yr lil guy indeed put a smile on aunty face!!
    aughters like this are indeed good medicine in lighting up our lives eh!]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[ah they learn very well and fast wan...

    mine also picks whatever dvd he wants and will of the tv when we watch chinese show….cos he wanna see sigh…]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[same here..ashley picks her own cds to watch and even knows which ones aren't working well!
    Kids these days, they learn so fast!]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Wow Ryan is really a clever boy.. he can even put a dvd properly into the player..that's really smart.. smart parents with a smart BB :)

    So Yvonne, how was ur weekend?]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[He's sooo clever! *clap* *clap* He even knows the right positioning of the CD. Waaaaahhh.. what have you been feeding himlah? Irfan likes to press the eject button on the DVD player too, but sadly (or un-sadly, however you look at it), he doesn't have any fave DVD. Hahaha!]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[clever little boy !! Hmm ~ can you post on your Salmon Carrot Porridge? Sounds yummy and would like to do this for Aiden.]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[Clever Ryan!My boys also pick their own dvd. So two means got two differnt type of dvd lo fight lo..more headache!
    In the picture is Ryan wearing a bib? Very big bib huh? where u get it? I want to get one too!]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[HIHIHI, love his cheeky laugh. Made me laugh along too. Mr. Bean is a noti men, Ryan dun learn so much from him...;)]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[Hi E-M--ah, the crawling days---weren't they such a cute time?

    Now is he feeding ducky or choking ducky (smile)?]]>

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