How the Babies Have Blossomed

@ 17 months 1 week

I have known MalaikaMommy for 10 years. We were uni mates, flat mates, we went diving together and coincidentally we even shared the same pregnancy due date which was 24th April 2006. We actually joked that we would likely be giving birth next to each other and could hear the screaming across the labour room :P . Anyways, “mo kum kiu keh….”(no such coincidence), I gave birth to Ryan 8 days earlier and Malaika came to the world on 22nd April.

Time has not been always on our side since the arrival of our babies. So we probably only met up 4 times (exclude the time we bumped into each other at Mid Valley) since the last 17 months. The most recent being last Tuesday when I visited her and she came over my place following Thursday so the two Ariens could rekindle their little friendship. Time really flies.. The last time the met was back in Feb07 during the CNY and check out the pics. They have blossomed from chubby babies to slimmy healthy toddlers now…. (as much as i enjoy being with a more interactive Ryan now, I do miss his innocent baby days)

Taken June2006 when the parents bumped into each other at Mid Valley

Taken in Aug2006

Taken in Feb2007

Taken 18 Sept 2007

Taken 20 Sept 2007. Both their eyes glued to the TV (think it was Barney show)

Speaking of Barney, we bought lil Ryan a Barney toy. He has not always been a fan of soft toys but this little purple dinasour is indeed special. This is how much he adores the lil dinasour…

Little kiss from Ryan to the purple dinasour


Other sembang sembang….

I am one happy SAHM since last Friday? Why? Because in laws were here and they brought along Linda. Yes yes.. my maid from KL and she will stay with us until Raya which by then my new maid will be here. Yoohoo~~~

I hurt my back last Friday and it got so bad that I was limping and could barely move around. I’m much better today and I hope nothing serious happened to my back. Whatever it is… now I could sit in front of my laptop, TV and seriously enjoy some meme time.

20 thoughts on “How the Babies Have Blossomed”

  1. < ![CDATA[hehe... both Ryan and Malaika sure enjoyed their time playing together.

    Haha… no wonder got meme and updatelah, Linda is here with u.

    I hope you are feeling better.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Hope ur back are feeling better now.
    Nice picture of Ryan & Malaika!So cute two of them..pssttt..can match them up ar? hehehehe..]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[Good to have frens start from small time ya... with they will keep their good friendship forever.. like their mums..

    Btw, take care of yr backbone.. dont play play oh… :)]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Love the pics of the kids together. Kecik-kecik sudah pak tor ah? LOL! :)

    Glad to hear that your maid is here and will stay til Raya. Hope your back is getting better. Take care, yeah?]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[oh no - hope your back is better. dont strain it too much.

    Ryan is lucky to have a childhood friend. Its amazing to see the 2 of them growing together]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[So glad to hear that your maid is around to help up. You definitely need a lil' extra help sometimes - no more back injury, etc :)

    And oooh… the Barney looks nice. Might get one for Jaden during the Mattel warehouse sales tis weekend as Barney is also Jaden’s fan see :p]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[Hey they are about the same size too. Great to have friends that have a child same age as yours. Can share experiences with one another.]]>

  8. < ![CDATA[they are both so adorable. So wonderful to have someone share with you the experiences of bringing a baby up. Soon they both get to play again..:)
    you better take good care of yrself more and let the grandparents take over.. i am sure they are missing the little fella alot..]]>

  9. < ![CDATA[Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you are feeling better by now. It's good that you have a maid to help out until the new one comes in.]]>

  10. < ![CDATA[eh dunno in many many more years they will stand next to each other at the wedding dinner or not leh? *wink*


    Something wit the purple dino…My son also dun like soft toys but when it comes to Barney its diff story]]>

  11. < ![CDATA[This is such a cute post - good thing both you mummies took the photos together. Ya, I'm curious too to see how they'll develop as they grow up! I think they'll be very good friends, for starters =)]]>

  12. < ![CDATA[My, the kids really have grown a lot. Their baby photos are so cute. Hope your back is better now. I see you have started doing pp again :D Good for you :D]]>

  13. < ![CDATA[MM: Yea.. can rest rest a bit

    Annie: Who knows.. future is difficult to predict

    MLZ: My back okay already. Thanks.

    Nadia: Hahaha.. more like gaduh over toys

    Hmom: I hope they can be friends forever

    Krystal: Yea.. donno what’s with this Barney. Kids jus love them

    MBB: Yes.. about same height now

    M2Ashley: Hahaha.. yea yea those childhood pictures that we normally select for wedding ceremony presentation huh…

    Mag: They went back already. Came for the weekend only

    Jazz: Yes do hope they can remain friends forever

    Imms: Thanks. Im better now. That day was horrible

    Sasha: Maybe… attending mutual friend’s wedding dinner. Kakakaka..

    KeeYit: Hey, thanks for dropping by. Time flies.. really!

    Kittycat: If they are of same gender I think they will be able to share more…

    Barbara: I’m better.. yea.. started one 3P. Kakakak…need to buck up. SAHM need more income.. :P]]>

  14. < ![CDATA[hey, hehe... i can't help feeling this way, so have to say

    imagine, 20 years down the road, u’ll show us a picture of them, in wedding dress and tux… woo hoo, then yvonne and chewlee will be ‘chan kah’… :D]]>

  15. < ![CDATA[I like the 3rd picture. face to face.. almost touching.. yaaikkksss.. i wonder when they're 15 -17 time later on, sure havoc when see this picture. they probably ask mommy, throw the pci pls. hahahha.

    They’re so cute.. like match made in heaven. :)
    The barney toy is so big.. man, that’s expensive. bought myJosh the small2 one only..kesian…]]>

  16. < ![CDATA[As they grow older.. you can see.. the parents have to shove them close to each other to take pix woh.. :P


    The 18th Sept pix like both just had a fight like that.

    You didn’t mention if they get along well.. but at this age, I think it’s hard to tell, when they are 3.. it’ll be better.]]>

  17. < ![CDATA[Shannon: Hahahaha... hard to predict the future. Maybe you and me 'chan kah' leh :P

    PJ: Oh.. I bought the Barney for S39.90. I think KL cheaper.

    ZM: They got along okay.. more parallel play now tho. But one thing for sure, my son was very keen to shower Malaika his affections. As soon as we got to MM’s place.. he was fast to grab her, cant wait to hug her, kiss her.. (and this is not the first time… the last time they met in KL also the same) *slap head*]]>

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