Brainy Baby VCDs

@ 17 months 1 week 2 days

I bought Ryan his first piece of Brainy Baby VCD two months ago. That has since become his all time favourite.

I wanted to get more from the series for Ryan when I went for the Isetan Presale last week (there’s a 20% disc for member!). Unfortunately when I got there, most of the CDs/DVDs were gone. I only saw pieces of Baby Einsteins, Barney, oethers what not. No Brainy Baby.

Anyways, when we were at Taka over the weekend we managed to get these.

Personally I find Brainy Baby series pretty entertaining. Like Baby Einstein they also uses music, animals, nature, babies to engage the baby’s attention but in a more interesting and engaging way. At least when I run the show it’s able to keep Ryan still (for a while). Blehhh……

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