Got Our Wheels

Yippeee… I received a call from the agent couple days back saying our car is ready for collection. Heehee.. finally I can be more mobile and do not have to depend on public transport alone. It is not that I have anything against public transport infact I must say public transport here is highly efficient and reliable. Everytime I call for a cab, it’ll take them max 10 mins to reach my place. So why do I need a car??? Hmmm…hmmm… despite the efficiencies of the cab drivers here, having our own wheels with the ability to go and leave anywhere anytime any weather is still something I missed and craved. Maybe I’m too used to driving around back in KL.

Anyways, got my car this afternoon. So far so good….. hopefully can get used to the roads here and bring my little prince to explore more….

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