Expensive Toy

I saw this at Kiddy’s Palace and decided to buy it for Ryan. It’s quite cool. See what I mean?? Cool heh…

Ryan loves it as he enjoyed the fun from pulling out all the velcro-ed pictures and throw them in the air! *slap head* But that enjoyment and fun came with a price tag that I never would have expected.

Yes. A whopping SGD34 (RM78!) I actually saw a similar one hanging by the side selling at SGD4.90 but I saw this and liked this instead. I don’t know what got me (kwai ngum ngan), I didn’t check how much and was assuming they are the same or about the same price la. It was only when I was at the checkout I got the shock of the total bill amount. Aaah… too late to return. Paiseh. Moreover got other customers behind me. But are they normally that expensive? I think it’s a con shopping strategy la… putting them side by side and lure blur shoppers like me. :P

6 thoughts on “Expensive Toy”

  1. < ![CDATA[Wow! Really expensive but the smiles on Ryan's face are priceless right? Money well spent! (that's how I think after spending....hehehe)]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Wow..! if I.. i already tell cashier.. sorry.. i donch want it.. too expensive..! No need to be shy one..!]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[i think a similar one cost about the same over here (about rm40 each) :D even that, i find it a bit expensive to buy cos Ashley would probably be like Ryan, taking them apart and throw them everywhere....hhahahaha. maybe when she's older I'll buy it.]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Yes, I did see one of these in Sgp and more expensive that what you have. However that one is a picture of a face and you can put different eyes, nose, ears and mouth on it. Pretty cool.]]>

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