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This is Ryan’s first homework from the Shichida class he attended on Week 1. Like most parents, I’ve bought all the aplhabets books for Ryan all these while. So when we (the parents) were asked to do this as homework, we went like ‘HAR????’. :P

See below my attempt at doing-it-myself version. If you ask me if there is a difference of effectiveness between the two (off the shelf vs. DIY), I would say the DIY version is probably more effective. The other parents shared the same views. As you can see DIY version is custom made. Though not necessary, I made an effort to try to incorporate as many objects Ryan sees in his surrounding into the sheet; so he is more familiar and it’s easier for him to remember the object’s name. You could try by printing the alphabets on a A4 paper. You could add as many pages to one alphabet (eg A or B or C…. so on). Try it out. See if it works for your child.

5 thoughts on “Alphabets Book”

  1. < ![CDATA[That's truly resource and creative of you. From my first impression, I thought you bought the book until I read your post - Well Done!

    On another note, I can’t seem post comments at work on the wordpress version of your blog – I think my company has put up a firewall!]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[very hardworking. I hear that there is a lot of homework and practice with the Schicida method. Is that true?]]>

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