Sad, Sum Toong, Shing Toong, Sakit hati……

Kena ripped off!!!! We were back in KL last weekend. It was a short stay and I didn’t manage to buy a lot of stuff. Nonetheless, I made a point to check out the bookstore as I was hoping to get some new books for Ryan. I found some interesting Barney books. Fliped through the pages of the display copy and decided to buy them. So I picked those nicely wrapped in plastic of course. Kiasu ma. Not suspecting anything amiss, I went straight to the counter and paid for the books and hurriedly proceeded to the next destination (shopping shopping… :P )

Aaahh.. when we got back to our home in Singapore, I gawked in shock when I was greeted by these ‘horror’ sights…

The title of the book should say ‘I DID NOT See Barney’ to reflect the actual condition / story of the book!!!

Moral of the story: Alwaysssssssssss check the goods before payment. The display copy is definitely in better condition than the one I bought. Luckily the rest of the Barney, Elmo books I bought were okay.. not in perfect condition but at least the hands, body and head are all intact. Maybe I should write a complaint email to bookstore in hope they will do an exchange for me in Singapore. You think that will work? Heehee…

Ps: Oh, if you’re curious to know which bookstore is soooooooooooooooo &%%#%(* , it’s the one at Mid Valley. Don’t want to mention name la…. u know I know.

7 thoughts on “Sad, Sum Toong, Shing Toong, Sakit hati……”

  1. < ![CDATA[Oh no!!!! If it's wrapped how could the book turned out like this eh? Yup, you definitely must complain. This is not fair at all. Scholastic books are expensive man!]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[You should call the bookstore immediately.. and let them know.. so that the next time you are back in KL .. you can return it.]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[wah! they are so unethical. I would definitely go back there and complaint and ask them to change it.]]>

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