Our Utilities Bill This Month

This is the latest utilities bill I received. See the total amount?

Yes.. SGD652.47!!!!; the amount we have to pay for the electricity, gas and water we used for the month. Electricity contributed the biggest pie. Gosh.. we never had to pay so much when we were in KL even with a bigger house and definitely higher electricty usage, more appliances etc. I know I know.. if Malaika Mommy reads this, she will tell me this.. ‘DO NOT CONVERT”. But really can’t helped it. Hak sei yan meh!!! Did I really used up so much of electricity? Must really do an assessment………..

9 thoughts on “Our Utilities Bill This Month”

  1. < ![CDATA[Wow that is a hefty bill. What is the unit price for electricity in Sgp? Now I heard that Sgp charges 7% for GST.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[Looking at the bill I used up 2400 kWh @ 0.20 (1st 1526) and 0.21 subsequent.... adds up to $479.48. In Malaysia I'll probably have to pay ard RM700 for the same amt of electricity. There's a lot of difference there. I need to go back and check our average electricity consumption back home. :( Living in this singa city is no cheap heh..... and yes..now we have to add 7% GST on all goods and services. Sian!]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[I will faint when I look at the bill. It is a bit on the high side. Perhaps it is inclusive of a deposit. Mine was SGD200+, when we called, they said a portion is for deposit.]]>

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