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First of all, thanks to all who tagged me. That only shows you remember this blur sotong mommy despite me being far away from home (not that far actually). But shamefully I also have to admit, I’ve been really slack and I have at least more than 10 tags homework to complete. I must apologise for the long delay. Give this lazy mommy more time ya….

This is one I owe ECL… since caveman era (oki oki.. a bit exagerated but by no means it is that long overdue). There are a few I owe way before ECL’s but more complicated so I better do the simple one first.

This is how my desktop looks like. so many folders, files, applications etc. In short: M-E-S-S-Y

2 thoughts on “Tag: My Desktop”

  1. < ![CDATA[Thanks for doing my tag. So long I've even forgotten it. hehehe....

    You are so young and pretty. I jeles.]]>

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