Selling my Car

Just received a call from MIL. There’s a buyer for my car. It was barely a week after the decision to sell off my car who has been sitting there collecting dust and depreciating as day goes by. So, I should be delighted when the good news came right? (more ca$$hh in bank)…… but,

why do I feel the sudden’ mm seh tak’? Just a car wat….. (my hubs said). Maybe it’s because it’s less than a year since I bought it. I’m quite sentimental when it comes to my belogings leh (I told hubs)… I am, really am.

The worse is the buyer wants the car immediately (today if possible), cash buyer wor. Geehz.. so kan cheong and these people are rich! 130k cash??? I told MIL to hold until the banker’s cheques is cleared, all paper work done and I see the monies in my bank. I trust no one when it comes to money.

I guess I will not get the chance to say bye to him (car) personally…. :( It does sound like it was just yesterday I blogged about it, arrggh.. but.. what the heck.. just a car.. just a car… just a car… just a car!!!! (sad face)

Bye ‘just a car’……

3 thoughts on “Selling my Car”

  1. < ![CDATA[yah.. better make sure money in first.. :) i also like you .. donch wanna let go of my house in singapore.. even though been here for 7 yrs.. so totally understand.. :)]]>

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