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Okie doke… whenever I could, I’ll try to do my tag homework. I simply have too many to owes. Really have to ‘kow tao’ to those I have not managed… Sorry….Will slowly complete them esp. the tougher ones. :P

1) Here goes… one that I owe BR’s Mum on blogging wish. It’s really thoughtful of her to send me this award. It really gives me the motivation to continue blogging about my little one (i’m sorry if some of you finds it utterly boring to read about my son, my son, nothing but my son in almost all my posts. Heehee. Cannot help it la. This blog was created for my son… until we shifted to www.etceteramommy.com though.. Now this blog is all rojak pijak already). But BR Mum, to you, a big hugz and thank you.

2) Here another award from this dedicated Terry’s mommy. Like me she’s also a SAHM, but Judy is definitely much more successful one for her success in time management – blogging, paid post, housechores, Terry’s welfare, etc etc…. She could manage it all so well. Hands down, she definitely deserved the award. As such, to receive this award from her is definitely a pleasant recognition.

I wish to extend these two awards to all my blog readers, whether you’re a silent or ones who never failed to cheer me up with your comments. Thank you all for your support. Even those who are not a blogger. You sure have a spot in my heart esp when you left me the msn messages to show how much you care. Here’s one specially for all of you……. no names mentioned but you know who you are. Cheriosss.

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