Do you think your child has the look?

This article came out in the local paper a couple days back. It appeared like any other normal stories that covers the profile of child models (aka child babes) right? Wonder why they have to use the word “babes”… macam Baywatch babes. :P Anyways, check out the front page.

Nothing speacial right. Look closely…..


Yes. One assignment easily $3000 (that’s like RM7k) which probably only requires a couple of hours’ work. More than what an average working person could earn in a month. Slurpsss… Jealous leh… same here lor. Too bad my son doesn’t have ‘meng seng’ look else I can start shaking leg at home counting monies. Now, my dream of becoming a ‘seng ma’ (star mommy) is pretty much smashed. BUT… if you think your sweetie boy / daughter has the look then no harm giving it a shot. Let me know.. I give you the agency name ya..

Oopss.. does this sound like a spon sored post?? Muahahahaa.. go figure……

14 thoughts on “Do you think your child has the look?”

  1. < ![CDATA[I think it is alot of hardwork.. to earn that kinda money. I can't bear to make my kid go thru' something like that.. pressuring them.. at this young age.]]>

  2. < ![CDATA[wow...if got 3k, i no need to do paid post already lah..hehehhe.

    I have a friend who let her son (5 year old) model for tv ads. Lots of hardwork really cos the shooting takes many many hours.

    Do you remember seeing groups of little girls releasing their albums during CNY? Must be making a lot of $$$ :)]]>

  3. < ![CDATA[i oso hope to be 'seng ma', but this seems like have to fly oversea wor.....not local company wor....]]>

  4. < ![CDATA[Wow that's a lot of cash. But even if your child is very handsome/pretty but lack of acting skills, they won't pick you (this I get frm a friend whose child is a big advertisement star)]]>

  5. < ![CDATA[Mamabok: Agree la.. where got such easy money.

    Vien: I think got la… but again.. not an easy job. Probably few days’ assignment from morn to night. *faint*

    HuiSia: Not easy money…

    Annie: You can.. your twins quite photogenic and can charm in front of cameras right?

    Barb: Yes.. err.. cant remember the names.. 4 angels something.

    Sasha: Then can be those extra… good money also and less hardwork :P

    BR: Heehehehe…3k wor…

    Jacelyn: Local also have… we just don’t know who/where they are

    SayangMommy: Yes.. I read on the paper.. the advertiser favours ‘cooperative’ model than very looking ones but failed to shine in front of camera. The child has to be a full package model.. not jus the face lor.

    Lisa: Thank you so much!!!!!]]>

  6. < ![CDATA[Wow! That's a lot of money. Usually with these sorts of jobs there's a lot of waiting you have to do. Quite tiresome. Parents have to have patients too.]]>

  7. < ![CDATA[not as easy as you think. first you have to get a portfolio from them, which is quite a chunk of money you have to 'invest'. then only they will see if any ads are appropriate for your child. if ada, good lar, if not, then the portfolio money goes to waste. it's a gamble.]]>

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