Going back to pre pregnancy clothes

I was watching Fashion Police on the telly earlier. As the name describes, it’s about these two hosts going around bla bla-ing about today’s fashion, who has the fashion sense, who doesn’t, the dos and donts and what not la. One of the highlights of the show is make over.. Muaks.. my favourite part of the show. and today they featured how they could transform an ‘ah soh’ looking mommy into a gorgeous looking hot mama.

So dah-dah-dah.. they went on to give her the so called IT look… changing her hairstyle, color, her closet etc etc… No big deal right. Wait… I’ve not reached the best part yet…

… the best part of today’s show was on how they effortlessly help this mommy (who has been battling with jelly belly issues eversince the birth of her baby) slips into her pre pregnancy jeans as easy as 1-2-3. Wanna know how.. Check this out. Cool heh… the design is not bad too (Just a bit ex la…and they don’t accept paypal leh.. :P ). By the way.. I don’t get paid for writing this. Just thought of sharing…………..

Hey.. I need makeover too!!

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