Happy Mother’s Day

@ 24 months 3 weeks 5 days

Thanks for all the well wishes. Ryan’s much better today, no fever, no flu, all looks good. Nonetheless, we spotted loose tools twice today but paed pre empted it’s pretty normal with Augmentin which he will complete the course in another 5 days. I hope and pray he’ll fully recover and be given a clean bill of health when we visit the paed this coming Friday to make sure his ear infection is totally healed.

It’s a boring Mother’s Day. No card, no pressie, no dinner, no mood, nothing. I began to feel my butt is permanently glued to the sofa / bed. Hehe.. okay, a bit of exxageration there but it has been days since Ryan is grounded at home for the sake of his full recovery and I’m feeling extremely helpless.

When chewlee‘s bro dropped by earlier to pick up chewlee’s stuff, I jokingly teased Ryan that korkor’s here to catch mommy. Gosh.. that resulted in endless stickiness and crankiness thereafter. I cannot even have my dinner without the little fella demanding comfort from me. I’m not complaining. Matter of fact I missed his affections. *blushed*

During bedtime, as usual he started his drama all over again. Insisted he wants to go out and play. I switched off the lights anyway and predictably he started wailing. I passed him his milk and pretended to cry myself. Then I asked him…

Mommy: *sobbing* You don’t sayang mommy anymore? You don’t want to stay here with mommy? *cont sobbing*
Ryan: Mommy… (Turn to me and gave me a big hug… then a big muaks. Ouch… feel so in love).
Mommy: (Wanted more) *sobbing* Mommy go out now, okay?
Ryan: No! No! No! (shaking big No No with his index finger and cuddled next to me)
Mommy: (Beaming silently in dark. Hehehe….)

…… a moment of silent was what it takes for him to doze off to Zzzz-land. Poor baby, must have been really tired. I switched on the side lamp, looking at the little face of my son, ouchhh… I feel soooo utterly sweeeeeeeeet.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. It’s not a bad celebration for me afterall… hope you gals had fun yourself. *smile*

15 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Sorry didn’t wish u earlier.. busy weekend for us. Happy Mother’s day. I see you are happy.. that is good. nothing like bonding with your child can give more satisfaction that any other thing. Glad to hear that. :)

  2. Good to hear dat Lil Ryan’s okay.

    Though u didn’t have any celebrations on Mother’s day but I’m sure u had wonderful moments with Ryan. Can imagine u having ‘hearts, hearts, hearts’ all over the place. heeheehee.

  3. oh ashley had loose stool too when she was taking augmentin and even a few days after she stopped. i read somewhere that when a child has cough, his/her stool is loose :) glad to know that ryan is better :D

  4. Aiyo..viruses everywhere. Bryan was also having fever off and on the last 1 week.NOw is better but still under monitoring.

    For the loose stool, it is because of the antibiotics. Try giving him some lactobacillus supplement/ yogurt. That may help a bit.

    Take care.

  5. Hi Yvonne – Pardon my outspokenness but do try not to do that esp as Ryan is so close to the 2 maids already.

    He knows that you’re his Mummy and you seem to be spending quality time with him.

    However, he’s confused why you keep asking him “You don’t sayang Mummy anymore?” when he does. Don’t play emotional tug-of-war with him lor or he’ll stick close to the 2 maids who offer unconditional love.

    Boys will always be close to their Mums but they outgrow affections very fast! (Hubby’s warning to me)

    I used to conduct class discussions and had teenage boys sharing how much they disliked their Mums’ need for assurance…err, something to think about ok? Be confident in yourself!

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