25 months

@ 25 months 6 days

He broke the record when he was down with illness on and off for 3 weeks straight and seeing 3 different doctors each time. Not exactly a record of glory any parent would want for their kid for sure! Started with throat infection, teething, then throat infection again to morazella (from his swap result, apparently some nasty flu bacteria) plus an ear infection. My heart was shattered. Luckily he’s now back to normal and he finally got his Hep A dose 2 jab on Tuesday.

Weight: 13kg
Height: 90cm

Generally Ryan is a goofy, happy go lucky boy with a smile on his face all most of the time. I remember those days when I was stilla FTWM, Ryan’s smile was what I was always looking forward to see every night after work. Though he wasn’t missing me that much then, but to see that big smile on his face was priceless.

He’s very vocal now.. speaking in full sentence most of the time with his trademark high pitched tone. It’s really funny. It gets even more hilarious especially when he sings. We usually go through the story telling, songs etc during bedtime. His favourite songs (London Bridge in Falling Down, Skidamarink, Row Row Row Your Boat and Thomas). Each time I tried hard not to laugh (don’t want to discourage him) but it’s so funny that usually we’ll both end up laughing each time he hits the note.  (Ryan, you may not be a musical prodigy but mommy still loves you to pieces. :D)

His cuiousity is what’s getting more and more intolerable these days. His fav sentence now is “I wanna see what’s ??? doing” (??? – can be anyone). If his wish is not fulfilled, there goes the thunder in the house / car. 

Incident: We were on the road from Singapore to KL last Saturday morning when for no prior indication he insisted he wants to hold mommy’s hand. I was driving so there was no way I could hold his hands. What pursued thereafter was totally unbearable. He screamed, wailed, wriggled,.. everything and kept saying “I wanna see what’s mommy doing”. After one hour, I just couldn’t bear it and had to pull over for a pit stop. I thought by allowing Ryan to be on the driver’s seat, play with the steering for awhile would pacify him. I was wrong. Totally wrong. He cont’ed his antics. Daddy was ultra angry by then and dragged the poor fella aside and started giving him lectures. I have not seen Daddy been so fierce on Ryan. It’s the first time Daddy lost his temper. He must be very disturbed by Ryan’s hour long wailing.

Ryan, on the other hand was still crying non stop. He appeared inconsolable and were ramblings words we couldn’t decipher. Poor baby.. he was crying too much for too long. I feel really sorry for Ryan. Broke my heart when Daddy punished him but we were simply at wits end not knowing what he wants. My senses got me finally. Just couldn’t bear the scoldings. Frankly what was on our mind? What makes us believe scolding a 2 yo in public would make the latter understand and stop crying? I grabbed Ryan from Daddy’s (so drama right) and tried sweet talking him instead. Ryan cont’ed his crying and wants to go back to his car seat. Bribed him with yogurt drinks before we decided to cont our journey. For the record.. he cont’ed to cry after his drinks. Give up. Terrible 2? Still recovering? I don’t know.

A little fake smile there when I shot this….


The face seconds before he freaked out and wants to THROW my camera away


When he’s not in a foul mood…..


14 thoughts on “25 months”

  1. Aww..poor boy. Thank goodness it’s all over with.

    EM: I got so obsessed with the thermometer at one point. Keep checking on him every 15 mins!

  2. Oh noooo.. poor Ryan. Crying for hours non-stop? He’s got a very healthy set of lungs, ey? I think I’d go bonkerz too! I hope he’s better now.

    EM: After awhile I got immuned to his cryings….

  3. Hahahha, laugh at Nadia’s comment, yea, can confirm Ryan got a very healthy set of lungs!
    I understand u, my kids till now still cry a lot for no reason, or when their request “ I wan I wan” didn’t reach, there go the drama start!

    EM: Yealor.. I wonder why they like to be rebels all the time!!

  4. well at least u dun understand what he wants ONLY when he cries. Mine, I always got no idea what he want. hehe but then hey, you know that its all becos he was unwell la.. dun worry. He’ll be his goofy-self again soon :)

    EM: Kids.. so unpredictable.. he can be smiling laughing now, next .. crying wailing like a bad thunderstorm.

  5. recenlty like heard ryan sicks oh… poor boy…

    ya.. terrible 2, dunno how to control his own emotions at this stage.. like my son, will just do whatver ‘opposite’.. and ‘lau kai’ till patient daddy also get angry and start lecture (as i wondering just like u that is he understood or will hurt his little heart?) … hope fast fast passed the terrible 2.

    EM: I hope he’ll get over T2 phase soon.. my patience is running low

  6. My son also fall sick on and off after he turn 2, every time after he recover we wanted to send him back to school, he fall sick again, that’s why until now he still haven’t go back to school yet. Maybe wait until next year lah~

    EM: Is wai wai better now? sometimes I feel we just have to bite our lips and expose them to the germs and bacteria so they could build up their immune now than later…mmm.

  7. have you tried giving him supplements like cod liver oil and vitamin Cs? Jeremy’s also throwing tantrums all over the place and is getting very clingy to me.

    EM: Yes.. he’s on cod liver oil and multi vits. I guess when the illness want to strike, it strikes.. :(

  8. At least Ryan always pose for the camera… mine always look side ways these days… *sigh*

    EM: Still okay.. sometimes can tipu him to stay still a moment…

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