It all started with this….

@ 25 months 2 weeks 6 days

Ultraman PJs….

Ryan woke up one day refusing to get changed. He was in foul mood, which is by no surprise to me lately. Full of new antics everyday. Anyway, that particular day he insisted of wearing this Ultraman PJs (well, it’s not exactly an ultraman but it’s the closest resemblance I could think of) the whole day and nothing else. Not even his fav Thomas & Friends T shirt.

Due to his reluctance to take off his shirt, I was not able to shower him. As a result he wore his PJs way past the afternoon. Around 6pm, I purposely spill water on his pants. Knowing he’s quite a fussy kiddo, he would not be able to tolerate wearing a wet pants, he would definitely agree for clothes change. He did. Phew… 

The next day, I bought Ryan his first ultraman. A few weeks later, his collection swelled to these…

and he was evidently happy and excited. Since then, he was in total obsession with Ultraman. A big Ultraman aficionado now for sure! He no longer fussed about his PJs though, thank goodness. Daddy even bought a Ultraman DVD into the collection. Not exactly a good move due to the violent scenes but haih… he’s already 2 yo.. let him enjoy what boys should enjoy.

…seen here pretend playing with his fav ultraman (Ryan calls him the ‘blue ultraman’)

above all… how could his Ultraman collection be complete without a…

MONSTER right!!!???




Yeh Yeh’s big helper (when we were in KL 2 weeks back)


Messy hair! Seen here enjoying Thomas game on his new toy (V-Smile educational video game – pressie from YehYeh and MaMa). A bit too early to expose him to video games right? Errr…..


18 thoughts on “It all started with this….”

  1. ultraman…fly….good lah at least can change his baju now keke

    EM: For now…. don’t know how long his interest will last.

  2. boys will be boys. Ultraman huh? I wonder whether he will like power ranger? Or it is too outdated?

    EM: I think Ultraman era is more dated than Power Rangers. I actually find the two quite alike…

  3. Ahh… another Ultraman fan. I’m sure the DVD / CD collection will increase with time… my Ivan already have a box of Ultraman posession, figurines and CDs :S His brother also learning from him now…. Gaia!!!!

    EM: Ultraman not quite popular here. Not all toys shop has Ultraman.

  4. Ultraman still exist ah these days? Haha.. I’ve lost track alreadylah. Glad that he’s having fun with ‘em toys.. but I don’t know how you managed to let him wear his PJs till petang. I’d have just wrestled with Irfan and take the PJs off. Haha. Bad mommy I know. :P

    EM: Exactly.. I so tak boleh tahan he wore his PJs all day. Makes me look like some bad mommy….

  5. WAH! ultraman!!! I think boys will be boys right? They sure more interested in fighting figures…

    EM: All the Barney, Mickey Mouse are in the closet now….

  6. Very ingenious of you to spill water on his pants to get him to change.

    EM: I was lucky.. imagine he insisted to wear his wet PJs *slap head*

  7. fuzzy kid like my son..haha.luckily u can think of spill water to his cloth… must be smart to handle the fuzzy kids ya…:)

    EM: Sometimes no choice… unless wanna end up ‘drama’ again

  8. hmm…y boys like ultraman so much huh….my boy likes it very much too. He precious his ultraman underwear and socks…hehe..he wears them everyday to school.

    EM: oh really ar? Haha.. here I think Ultraman not that popular. Not much varieties

  9. boys also into ultraman lately!!! When ever we pass by speedy shop, they will looking at the ultraman and ask me to buy for them, they even took the VCD ask me to buy. Me bad mummy, they took ultraman and I change it to Tom & Jerry, their daddy said “kesian lo my boys, mummy control all the CD’s u watch”. So last week, daddy bring them to night market to get them two ultramans! With a light on the heart, which is so cheap, only RM2.50! hahahahahahhahahahaha, actually I don’t like them to watch and play with ultraman! Their daddy said, boys ma, of course like ultraman la! *pengsan*

    EM: Actually it’s true in the sense, Ultraman stories are violent and speaks broken English. I was quite reluctant to buy not sure he’s mature enough to digest that… but then in the end I also bought one. Hehe.. I even bought CJ-7 VCD for him cos he has the toy. Ngek…

  10. Haha, Ryan refused to take of his Ultraman shirt reminds me of Des refusing to change her Princess dress. Whenever I’ve wash, she’ll want to wear again … sigh …

    Kids are kids. Always changing new interests. My girl used to like Barbie at one time and now all the Barbie dolls are lying in the storeroom collecting dust cos new interest is Princess. Really making holes in our pockets hor?

    EM: Precisely.. and they can have so many favourites at any one time too.

  11. We are lucky.. my brat not really attached to anything yet.. :) i mean.. she loves her barbie and all.. but never fusses alot about it.
    Eyan sure knows what he wants eh.. :)

    EM: My son.. has mood swings. Sometimes okay.. sometimes not. I wonder where he got the gene from.. Ngekk… :P

  12. in the older days, there’s only one type of Ultraman,I think nowadays got many type. Daddy Ultraman, Mummy Ultraman, Granpa Ultraman, etc etc… serious…hehehehe…

    maybe Ryan will stick his interest for quite sometime, you never know.

    EM: He’s very frickle minded. Sometimes he like this.. sometimes he likes that. However so far, Thomas & friends are still his all time favourite

  13. It is so funny on how you make Ryan take off his cloth, by spill water on his pant, I was laughing when I reading this…hahaha, sometime we really need to think of a way instead of forcing them to do something.

    That day my son saw Ultraman in the shop and bring it to me “Mommy buy!”, but I think it is kind of violent for his age, so I didn’t buy. Maybe next time when he ask again, I will consider. But definately will check out the V-Smile, because he always like to pretend like his big koko playing video game.

    EM: Agree.. violent… in a comical way. Some of the scenes I can’t help but to laugh at how silly it was.. and the sentences they dubbed.. so funny! V-smile is not bad la.. worth a consideration. It comes with one game and we bought another Winnie The Pooh game today. Ryan loves it. Can also train their hand eye coordination and logics. Just make sure they don’t get too addicted (which is hard). Hehe…

  14. Too early? Not at all. I know that a 8 year old kid got her own blog already.

    EM: Oh.. yes.. I know a 8 year old girl with a blog too. Mmm.. are we referring to the same gal here? What’s her name? Starts with M? Hehe..

  15. Ultraman speaks English? From the hazy depths of memory, a Malay-speaking Ultraman is also summoned (well, not Ultraman, who gives everyone the silent treatment, but the ‘Monster Attack Team’). He was forever saving Kepong or Mantin from plastic monsters that trashed the high-tech power stations everyone knows were built there in these places.

    As you say, it’s so silly no one could take the violence seriously.

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