He stutters….

@ 25 months 3 weeks 2 days

I couldn’t help but to notice that Ryan started stuttering his words since couple days back. It normally occurs with the first word of the sentence or when his speaks in long winded sentences.

Fortunately the occurences have been sporadic so far and usually only occurs when he was trying to convey too many things at too fast of a speed. Very kancheong boy (anxious)

Eg Ryan will attempt to say the full long setence at one go:

Ma, Ma, mommy open this.. baby want (to) see. Baby want (to) read this

“Dad, Dad, Daddy come.. come here. Baby want to play this, come play…”

“Mommy nice junk food.. Babe Baby want junk food, nice” – anything that is not proper meal is junk food to him. Hahaha..

… I know it’s not alarming (yet) and may not be as bad as I had feared but it does bother me. I admit I even considered the option of seeing a speech therapist but hubs brushes it off saying I was kiasu over concerned and that it could just be part of a growing phase.  So I searched the net where I found some assurances…

Apparently it is common for kids age between 2 – 5 years old to stutter certain words, syllabus or sentences and that it will eventually go away in days/months/ weeks. Err ya ka?? Anyways, I don’t remember reading any parent’s blog about their kids stuttering and I’m not sure either if  hubs / me stuttered when we were younger so I guess my concerns were not entirely baseless (right)? Mmm..

Anyway, accordingly to the articles we are discouraged to make a big deal out of it esp in front of the child so to not discourage them from learning to speak. Meaning we are not supposed to correct them. Oh dear.. okay, I try.

I remember when Ryan was 18 months old, I was worried about him not speaking much. Now at 25 months, I’m worrying about him speaking too much too fast until he stutters. Really not easy becoming a parent eh?

My two boys, enjoying a game here. Wishing everyone a Happy Dumpling Festival too. :D

23 thoughts on “He stutters….”

  1. alamak! he talk but stutters abit. Mine cannot even string 2 words properly and he’s older than ryan! Don’t worry la.

  2. ur boys so happy in the pic!!!!
    well, i notice with rachel also… i wonder if it’s because they still trying to figure out wat they wanna say…
    rachel something will go like “go go amah’s house” and yeah, it happens with first word of the sentence oni…

  3. Love the pics of ‘em boys! And about the stuttering – don’t worry too muchlah. I think it’s just a phase? Irfan sometimes does that too when he wants to say too many things too fast. Hahahaha! I’ve never paid attention to that until I read your post. Heh.

  4. Don worry too much Yvonne. ?
    Hahahhah, like u said, when they don’t speak we get worried, when they speak too much or too fast they got stutters, we worried again.

  5. hey don’t worry too much, my girl had that too when she was 2+. I think it’s basically their brain and speech is not in sync yet LOL..so trying to talk too many things while thinking. What I did was tell her in a jokingly manner, why you I I so many times LOL. Must say I bla bla bla, not I I bla bla bla…after a while it went off. tell them, think first then oni speak.

  6. At this age, it is normal for kids to stutter. It’s their reassurance that the word sounds right. You need to worry when he’s at school age. Have I told you I almost became a speech therapist? Almost..that is..hehe..

  7. No worry as Calista is same-same too when she’s at Ryan age. Be patience and he will be alrite. I like the photo ur 2 boys are so cute :D

  8. wow…his speech is good eh? Ashley is still learning to string words together and is sometimes speaking too fast. Me getting a bit worried cos she’s already 3 :(

  9. Dont worry, it happen to my son as well, i just patiently and listen and let him finish.. dont give them any ‘negative’ response on this.. but encourage them to tok more… i think it will help them to be more confident on themself ..

  10. Sasha also having this problem from 2yrs till now (3.5yrs old). She not stuttered but she can’t pronounce the word correctly espcially C,H,S sounds and she will say some words like “house” is “yard” and “sasha” is “kaka”.

    I have read a lot of articles, and I consult my paede last 2days. She advised me to send Sasha for speech therapist. A lot people will think neg when they think their kid has to go thru this. Actually is norm in overseas and just that Asia ppl are conservatives. This is not a sickness and we just send them there to correct their pronounciation mistake when they are young coz if later age is difficult to correct it.

    My paede told me last time her son also has this problem but after few session with therapist he was so good in his speech and now a successful young doctor.

    I will bring Sasha to meet the therapist next week too. The therapist will teach you and your kid together, then they ask you go back to pratice with your kid.

  11. Nice shoot – a great father and son moment.

    Terry’s niece went for a speech therapy too. And she can speak perfectly after that. Early detection and intervention will help. :)

  12. Don’t worry too much. I am sure little Ryan is fine. I think he is just too kancheong while saying out a long sentence. Very nice father and son photo. Yvonne,u really are good in catching all very nice shots. :)

  13. Mmm…don’t worry, as Hubby said. If you do, Ryan will become self conscious.

    He’s still small and yeah, as mentioned above, he could be so excited his words just tumble over each other :-)

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