Little Mischievous

@ 27 months 5 days

Daddy was fixing a 3D Nemo puzzle when he realised 1 piece was missing. So Ryan was tasked to look for it because he was the last person seen messing with the puzzle. After a while of effort, he ran to the kitchen and asked kakak to come out for rescue.

Knowing kakak wouldn’t have a slightest clue where is the missing piece, I told Ryan

Mommy: Kakak won’t know where is it
Ryan: Kakak find Nemo
Kakak: *searching under the table* Kakak don’t know. Kakak cannot find

Kakak went back to the kitchen. After a while Daddy found the missing piece. “Yay, Daddy found”. Ryan who was still looking hi and lo for it under the table, stood up, walked towards Daddy and snatched it away from Daddy’s hand.

We could tell from his gesture he was about to throw the piece under the table. Before we could screamed out for him to stop, he made the throw. We were furious and puzzled at the same time not knowing why he acted the way he did. He wasn’t crying or whining whatever. Infact he was smiling all along. So we figured he probably thought that was funny…

…. but what happened next really sent us baffling.

Ryan ran to the kitchen again to get his kakak out.

Ryan: Kakak find Nemo *bend down and point to the nemo piece*
Kakak: Wow.. Ryan, you found! Smart boy! *Kakak obviously oblivious of what happened earlier gave me the look that says she was very impressed with Ryan*
Ryan: Good job! *clap in approval* (how thick face right. :P)

Till now, we couldn’t decipher Ryan’s actual motive for what he did.. whether it was to tease kakak or merely to gain the compliment…. Whichever it is… we were surely taken by surprise…. -o_o-

How about other parents? Does your kid behave as such?  :D

@ 27 months

Height: 90cm Weight: 13kg  

- Diaperless at home most of the time, except during nap and bedtime (though they are dry most of the time after nap/ the next morning)
- Started wearing briefs. They are soooooo ultra cute :P
- Able to take off his own pants, pull up diaper and briefs
- Seems to be able to understand a little bit of Cantonese and Mandarin now (when we ask him questions in Cantonese/Mandarin, he is able to answer…in English ^o-o^)

Pictures taken during Singapore Flyer ride.


15 thoughts on “Little Mischievous”

  1. Oh my..!! he is growing alright..!! what a handsome boy.. :) and yes.. chloe does stuff like that too.. to get attention.. and also to get our approval. So norm.. :)

  2. he’s one super smart kiddo la! I think he just want another person to praise him :) and kiddos in brief are super duper cute!

  3. Fishing for compliments hoh :D Kids really baffle us when we least expect it, it’s a nice kind of surprise. He’s really growing up, soon he’ll talk your ears off.

  4. I finally found you here (and I’ve updated your link in my website so that I won’t lose you again!). Anyway, Ryan has grown so much! My Ian is also getting into trouble because of mischief, and he does what Ryan did too. All they wanted is to see what happens next if they do that action (cause and effect). A lot of times, Ian will throw objects to the ground deliberately and say “uh-oh”. If he does it for the second time, I won’t give it to him anymore so that it will let him know that I disapprove of his actions. Sometimes it is quite funny too, to see they throw things deliberately and they show their best innocent face, and it is so hard not to grin!

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