His latest addiction….

@ 27 months 2 weeks 2 days

online Disney games. Every time he sees us in front of our computer, that’s it. He knows he can get his hands on the Disney online games. At first he was contented by us maneuvering the game by guiding his hand. Not anymore eversince he knows how to use the mouse. 

His current favourite includes Thomas puzzle, Barney hits the box, Pingu fish game, Memory matching game, Barney cake decorations, Pictures painting and drawing.

…. and just when I thought I could have the laptop by myself because it doesn’t have a mouse plugged in…

…. looks like the touchpad works just fine for him. :D

12 thoughts on “His latest addiction….”

  1. Smart boy! I don’t know about Ryan, but generally, the kids will slowly find their way around interesting stuffs on the laptop itself. Just today, Ian played with my laptop when I wasn’t watching and plucked the letter “U” off the keyboard!! Grrrr……! Luckily, I could press the square cap back and nothing’s broken. Gave me a fright because my laptop is only 6 months old!

    EM: Hey.. happened to me before when Ryan was much younger. He snapped the letter ‘D’ from my keyboard. Luckily it still has warranty and they got the keyboard replaced. Phew…

  2. Oh my…that sounds like a Ryan when he was your son’s age…now he had moved on to PSP and PS3…haha! Dun wanna expose Jaden to online games tho’….kekekke….

    EM: The games/activities are actually quite educational so I’m not too worried. It’s funny cos he was first exposed to Thomas movie clips (don’t have the DVDs in KL) on the same site then after a while sian already we tried clicking on games, activities, etc. That was how he got hooked. But now we’re back in SG, he doesn’t ask for it anymore. He’s back to his old Thomas track games. Phew…

  3. wow so pandai… i think they are natural learners… no need to teach also know how to hold mouse or run the track pad… i think they observe the adults before and mimic the action.

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