The After Effect of Toilet Trained….

@ 28 months 3 days

When you have a 2 year old who just got toilet trained, these will happen:

We were in KL couple weeks back for a short vacation. During one of our outings at Mid Valley, Ryan screamed out he wants to ‘shee shee’. It was the first time he wants to pee outside home eversince he was toilet trained mainly because of the long hours we spent out. Knowing what to expect from the toilets I told him to pee into his diaper (bad mommy). Poor boy must had been so confused. Kept repeating he wants to pee. Okay. Fine. No choice. It was a horrendous experience. With no prior experience, mommy ’kelam kabut’ inside the cubicle. If handling an irritated toddler who was holding his bladder wasn’t bad enough, to make matter worse, there was no toilet paper inside the cubicle (gawd.. I should have known.. what’s new with our public toilets right). Ryan’s pandora bag was with the maid outside. I panicked. Quickly ransacked my own bag and found a pack of precious tissue. Tell you, the feeling was as if I found a pack of gold. Cut the long disgusting story short - there goes Ryan’s ‘first’ public toilet experience.

Second experience, it was worse! We were at the Subang T3 Airport (yes.. that still-around-rundown-airport’?). Mommy was better prepared this time but the state of the toilet was beyond I could imagine. I spare you the details. ‘Oek’ (Puke)!!!

The third time, probably the most traumatic for Ryan. We were on the road from KL – SG when his nature calls again (always so wrong timing!) and the next stop was like 5km away. He was screaming and wailing in the car begging us to bring him to the loo. I asked him to pee into his diaper but to no avail. Poor boy was so upset that his tears kepy rolling down his cheek. So pitiful. 

After a few mins, it was obvious he already peed but he was so distress that he continued to cry insisting he wants to ‘shee-shee’ until we reach the Pagoh stop. Sure enough, when we were in the toilet, his diaper was already soiled…. Not giving up, Ryan still insist to use the WC and happily said ‘no more’ when nothing comes out. Maybe that helps him feel better (err.. less guilty?)*poor boy* .

After the few stints at the public toilet, I was so determined to get hold of the potty topper that I saw @ Mothercare the other day. It’s a bit pricey but it’s godsend! Makes the whole process so much easier.

Hubs said it’s a waste of money. In his opinion, using the Dettol sanitiser and a few layers of tissue lace on top of the seat works just as fine. But a child cannot hold his bladder that long….and this boy of mine is always so fussy. Always insist of taking off his pants, and shoes before he could relieve himself.  Speed is crucial here. So in the end.. i bought it nevertheless. This is the potty topper I bought….  


Nicely packed!

Adhesive strips at the back of each of the topper

*Oh.. Dora for illustration purposes only. Hahaha…*

A short summary of his 28 months updates:
** Calls me mom / mommy interchangeably.
** Loves computer games and activities. His favourite sites (Disney, Thomas, Nick Junior). Just moment ago, he taught me how to play Dora Tressure Hunt game.
** Potty Trained (almost…) Ryan still wears diaper at night but at times will wake me up middle of the night when he wants to pee (HELP!!)
** Started scouting around for playschool for his enrolment next year.
** Still nap once a day for 1.5 – 3 hours a day. Bed time is around 9 – 10pm.
** Able to speak a few Mandarin words. His comprehension of the language also improves.
** His confidence in water builds up a lot. More independent and able to float confidently now (with floaters on of coz). Also able to make a few kicks in the water.
** Introduced naughty room/corner. When he misbehaves, I’ll threaten to bring him to the naughty room. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Try luck. He also has a happy room which is the room with most of his toys. Often when I summon him to the naughty room, he will walk towards the two rooms (side by side) then stop in front of one of them and say ‘how about this room?‘ (pointing to the happy room).
** Loves his baby (actually it’s a bear) and mini stroller a lot these few weeks. Everywhere he goes he wants to bring them along.. when we go out, in the house, sleep, pee, poo, everything! At night before turning in, he would say ’goodnight, I love you‘ to his ‘baby’ before giving it a kiss. So loving….
** I hate it when he doesn’t get enough sleep because for some reason when that happens, he will become restless and act out of his mind. He’s not agitated, not angry. Instead he will start his ‘fighting’ spree. Sotong is usually his victim, sometimes mommy and daddy are not spared. He will start to kick and kick, wriggle up and down, roll on the floor, use both his hands to slap your arms left and right and scream ‘YAH – HWAH – YAH (sound effect)’ – no more Ultraman for him! 


Taken @ the zoo two weeks ago. Don’t you just love that ziraffe top!
Happy 28 months!!

24 thoughts on “The After Effect of Toilet Trained….”

  1. haha i was wondering why dora was there..

    Eh good what that he wake u up for pee at night, at least u no need to set timer and get up yrself.

    Means he’s on his way to diaper free edi. Good job Ryan!

    EM: Very taxing…..

  2. Like that means he can go diaperless edi lor, then can just stand and pee mah, how come need the potty liner (unless ng ng laa)…

    EM: Sigh.. he just cannot do it; be it standing or squating. He has to do it sitting on the WC.

  3. It makes me laugh when u mentioned he asked for the “happy room” instead when asked to go to the naughty room…he is just so cheeky…smart boy!!

    Happy 28 mths old, Ryan..

    EM: Haha.. ya la. Some times really don’t know if I should be laugh or angry at his antics.

  4. I hear yer..!! we went thru’ the same thing. PB donch think i should fussed so much about germs and all.. but i’m paranoid.. and when it wasn’t.. i warned him.. if the brat gets an infection.. he will be blamed for it. Then he kuai kuai do what i said.. muahahhaa!!

    EM: Wah…. come come… *hi five* I said the same to him!!

  5. That’s a good idea – some of the public toilets here are really pathetic. Harvynna refuses to go if the toilets are dirty. Gosh, I have not even attempted to potty train Rowena. Bad mummy!!

    EM: MOST of the public toilets are pathetic :(

  6. the happy room damn cute lar… :D
    actually, until now i still scared/lazy to bring rachel out diaperless… she’s only diaperless at home… i scared of those toilet lar…

    EM: Same. Whenever we go out I’ll let him wear his diaper too but this fussy boy doesn’t want to pee into his diaper. That’s why so headache.

  7. So whats inside naughty room?..he know how to choose after being naughty..haha..

    Finally mummy can save down a lot of diapers money but now spend on the potty topper.

    Happy 28 months old..

    EM: Naughty room is a normal room; just without his toys. I always tell him when he’s naughty he has to go naughty room, though only when he is really really really naughty that he will end up there.

    Very true on the diaper part. Really can save a lot. Last time he used about 5 – 6 pcs a day; now max is 1.

  8. I still carry Belle and hover her over the WC when we’re outside. The WC here a bit cacat..they have a gap in the middle (prolly for unisex use), so Belle can’t sit properly on it.

    You should ask if anyone is coming here. Costco sells the liners in bulk. Last time Michelle was here, she bought some for her girl.

    EM: I tried that with Ryan.. he cannot pee! Susah la my boy!

  9. wow.. he has grown alot.. taller now.. i like those toilet covers.. so much more hygienic..u already saved so much on diapers, think it is ok to get those seat protectors..:)

  10. Eh, i think you can get the toilet covers from pharmacies at a lower price. I saw it Guardian Mid Valley before, not sure if Guardian Singapore has it. Will check for you !
    I learn about this thing when I travel to HK. The toilet in HK Airport has it. It is so much hygienic especially for us.

    EM: A friend of mine gave me a free pack and had a good laugh at me knowing I paid such a hefty amt on toilet cover. Aiks.. she paid $2.00 for it. Serves the same purpose, just without the cute pictures. Aaahhh…. !!!

  11. Just when u think he is fully potty trained, you are thrown at a new set of challenges huh:)

    EM: Never ending challenges………

  12. hey.. how come boys also need to sit on toilet bowls?
    I thought it’s easier for them, just stand up, none of their body parts need to touch the toilet bowl… No?

    It’s difficult for the child to understand, we ask them to pee in toilet bowl, then pee in diaper.. they must be so confused. :P

    EM: Exactly. He just cant do it any other position. I let (force) him to try pee standing above the portable potty inside the shower room. End up, he did (which I applaud) although the aiming was off and needless to say my feet were the unfortunate victims. I guess it’s time daddy show him some real life demo. :P

  13. aiyoh… why your toilet training so stressful one? Weird that Ryan wants to sit on the WC to pee… I never train Darrius that way… just shoot! hehehehe

    Actually you can do a recycle toilet seat cover mah using fabric/felt so u can wash it and reuse… :P *I’m a cheapo mama!* :lol:

  14. I’m really amazed at how you keep such detailed track of Ryan’s developments. Not only that, you are so hardworking too!

    About the toilet seat liner, I would also buy it too even if it’s expensive, because mommies knows what’s best in handling such situations. You know, over here in US, they sell portable and foldable toilet seat toppers (hard plastic type) that you can use over and over again. Don’t know if you can find that in Sgp/Msia?

  15. Irfan’s like Ryan too. He can’t pee standing. Haha. He has to sit on the toilet bowl – and he has different positions for peeing and pooing. Don’t ask. Hahahaha… You’re doing a swell job there!

  16. Lucky you found tissue lol. I read in Boss Stewie’s blog that his friend have to use RM 50 notes to wipe after he done his business and can’t find a paper.

  17. I know this so called transition period is terrible. Ha ha i do that occasionally too asking him to pee in the diapers as there was no toilet around and my boy reacted the same way as Ryan.

    Ryan has grown so tall.

  18. Hahaha. I can so relate to your public toilet stories. The first time bad mommy here told boy boy to pee in his diapers too but after getting an earful from daddy about confusing the poor boy, I headed towards the toilet and had a hard time making him “aim”. He ended up with pee on his shirt and trousers toO!

  19. Ya…why you wanna ask him to pee in diaper now that he can pee in the toilet? We had a similar experience today with Lucas and quickly went to a public toilet.

    Get his Daddy to bringlah…your life will be easier too. That’s what I do now when we go out. He’s a boylah and he’ll be so ‘proud’ he can pee like Daddy!

    I like Angeleyes’ idea of a ‘reusable’ liner. Err…all these disposable stuff are not environmentally-friendly!

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