This is me….

@ 27 months 3 weeks 1 day

All the while, Ryan’s drawing makes no resemblance of any kind. They are all circles, lines, dot-dotss, and some other funny shapes figures. Biasa la.. kids this age. They all looked the same to me although he would tell us this is daddy, mommy, kakak, cat, Thomas, etc etc…  

Then last night he caught me by a huge surprise. He was drawing  on a piece of art paper on the table next to me when he suddenly screamed  out ‘Mommy, mommy, see!!‘. I was actually just next to him and yet he had to scream. Kids.. gosh they get excited so easily. I took a glance and got a shock myself and ‘WOW’! Short of screaming.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Finally it’s something meaningful. I asked Ryan on purpose what did he draw. He replied “This (is) mommy, the same, got eyes, got mouth“. Well, it’s no picture perfect, no Pablo Picasso material. His drawing showed me with no hair, no ears, no hands and legs, obviously na-ked too with airport bodyshape (text me if you do not know what’s airport bodyshape :P )  but then again, it’s PRICELESS because it is a drawing of me from my ‘jui ngoi’ (beloved). So mighty cute!

Later.. I asked Ryan to draw a picture of Daddy. He scribbled here and there refused to cooperate; obviously ‘kembang’ (on cloud nine) from the compliments I gave him earlier. Well, sorry Daddy. Looks like your son cannot remember how you look like. So no drawing of you.

Instead, he drew this………

 Ryan said this is Peacock (we saw four big ones when we were on vacation last week) but I think it looks more like a snail

23 thoughts on “This is me….”

  1. eh i saw 2 hands la.. only no legs only. hahaha Eh if he knows how to draw u the not airport look (with the boobies), u shud be worried ler…

    Good job ryan!

    EM: If only I am as slim as what he drew…..

  2. his drawing not bad..haha..airport bodyshape will soon be replaced to 34, 24, 36..don’t worry :)

    EM: Sigh.. more like 24, 34, 36 now…..

  3. wow, you must be so “touched” by his drawing i believe. Remember to frame it..I am also hoping one day my daughter will draw her mommy..lets hope it is not airport body..haha…

    EM: I’m more shocked than touched to be honest… but nevertheless it’s sooo cute to see his first human-like drawing!

  4. great work, Ryan…..u can draw so well…I wonder when darren can draw like this…

    EM: I’m sure it’s a matter of time. Just have to invest on lots of paper and pens…. :P

  5. hahaha… cute! I think Ryan drew the peacock’s tail with the little “eye/dot” design on the fan.. it does resemble a bit. Good job, Ryan!

    ryan such a clever little one…
    he got good imagination and control of his hands and all yeah…

    wei, must frame up that first sticklady drawing of ryan’s….

  7. Yeah kids do spring suprises. I perceive the picture as a balloon with your face(?). So not airport bodyshape.

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