Getaway @ Pangkor Laut


Last month we went to Pangkor Laut for a short getaway. The resort was tastefully designed and the staff were very attentive too. Being an internationally acclaimed resort, I am glad they live up to their standard.

We booked a 3D/2N Garden Villa package. We had a very memorable trip to Tanjung Jara (bumped into Michael Schumarcher there) couple years back so this time round, we really had high expectation. The room was very spacious with indoor shower as well as an outdoor bathtub. Ryan was particularly in love with the huge outdoor bathtub. He wasn’t too happy at the pool maybe because the water was pretty cold.

Overall we had a wonderful experience though we were quite disappointed with the restaurants. The food was really just ‘so-so’. Luckily we signed up a full board package else the food bill alone would make us jump out of our chair (we consumed a total of approximately RM2000 worth of food during our stay, luckily it was all covered. Phew..)

View from the pool

Cheeky monkey look


Having a fantabulous time in the outdoor bath tub


Luckily I also brought some mozzies patches. We were badly attacked by mozzies when we dined at Uncle Lim’s Kitchen on our last night - a very nice restaurant built on top of rocks and overseeing the sea. Beautiful view. Each table was equipped with mozzie repellant under the table but they just weren’t good enough to scare off these blood suckers. Thank goodness Ryan was spared. Hubs got away with just a few bites. Poor mommy was the one got bitten the most. I counted after we got home… I had like 50 bites on my legs of various sizes *imagine measles*. Pretty scary.

… anyway, in a nut shell, the experience at the resort was very good. A nice retreat if you’re looking for a place to wind down with tranquility.. and my boy, of course he had fun too. :D 


Yay!!! I had fun, fun fun…!!!
*one of the many faces he would show when you ask him to smile*


21 thoughts on “Getaway @ Pangkor Laut”

  1. hahah look at the lil boy looking at his daddy.. i wonder what he is thinking at that moment. looks like a great getaway, maybe i can go in like …. err many many months time?

    EM: I can understand. Not easy travelling around with a baby. You end up more stress than before you go for a holiday.

  2. love the last shot.

    Glad that you guy enjoyed the trip. Uncle Lim kitchen got some very good food, hor?

    EM: Uncle Lim’s not bad. Only if not so many mozzies!

  3. i went to lumut, sitiawan, and pangkor but never stayed in pangkor laut b4. maybe i shd try

    EM: The resort is more suitable for honeymooners/couples without children… if you’re travelling with a kid, I’m not sure if I will recommend it to you :P

  4. Seems like a great resort, but the food is so expensive??!?! 3 days there can eat up to 2k?

    EM: Easily $300-$400 per meal and there was one dinner we whacked up to RM700 and yet we didn’t really order the most expensive food.

  5. I was at Pangkor laut 20 yrs ago!! Gosh.

    Why is the food so expensive!? You ordered all the expensive stuff?

    EM: Generally it’s expensive to eat there. Judging by their menu price even if one ordered the cheapest food, the bill will still come out around RM300 or so. I know the package we signed up is open to Malaysians and Singaporeans so it’s quite a good deal. Pity the ang-mohs tho.. :P

  6. Been to Pangkor Island before but not stay at this expensive resort. :P I so want to try out this resort had heard so much about it. Hmmmm…

    50 bites on the leg..tsk tsk tsk..pretty scary huh! I can imagine that.

    EM: Hehehe.. if you can, leave the kids at home :P

  7. Ya, I been to Pangkor Laut 2 times, it is a really nice resort. But now with my littel monster, is hard to go anywhere.

    Glad you enjoy yourself there!

    EM: Yea.. luckily we went under a package, else sure ‘siong’ :(

  8. Pangkor Laut, how can i not miss my trip there a year ago. Totally agree it is a good choice for holiday getaway for couples…I still remember the meal we had.. end up few hundreds also and it only fill up half of our tummies. If you sign up for package, it is much cheaper.

    EM: Food is simply too overpriced there!

  9. Rm300-rm400 per meal? Thats a lot! Do they have the same package like Tg JAra where it is an all inclusive package?

    EM: They do… you can call them and they will email you their promotion details (for all YTL hotels/resorts)

  10. i never been there.. my sis in law been there for few times, ya.. is really nice romantic place for honeymoon..heheh.. not sure when i can go there .. ** sob sob ** pixs looks great!!

    EM: Hehehe…don’t worry Pangkor Laut wont run away. Now your girl is still too small. Am sure you ‘mm fong sum’ leave her at home right. :D

  11. Sounds like everyone had fun! But yeah, I agree, Pangkor Laut isn’t suitable for family with children. But then again we don’t have the heart to leave them behind – so bring them lah! Hahaha! :)

    EM: Exactly! Sometimes bring also susah, don’t bring also susah.

  12. Ryan really know how to posey hor? :P

    Aiyah, mozzie bite you coz your blood is sweet mah! hehehe

    EM: I think so. Muahahahahaha……

  13. Yaya.. he looked so happy. Must be so shiok for him.

    Btw, did you have to pay for him? I find the YTL resorts don’t really serve very good food, especially when you are on all inclusive package.

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