Phone Conversation

@ 29 months 4 weeks 1 day

A short clip of Ryan’s phone conversation with Daddy earlier.  I was about to tuck Ryan in bed when the call was made. I try to cultivate a habit for Ryan to wish everyone goodnight including Daddy even if he’s not home yet. Tonight was no exception. It’s always hilarious seeing his gestures when speaks on the phone. But tonight he was able to hold a conversation longer than I expected and it was so funny seeing him swapping phone from ear to ear as if he had spoken hours on the phone. He was telling his Daddy about the missing illuminated moon on the wall, daddy’s at work, that he must big hug kakak before bedtime (he usually hugs everyone goodnight, if Daddy is at home Daddy will even get an extra kiss, as for mommy, needless to elaborate. Heehee…), etc….. Only regret is I wasn’t able to capture the moment on a proper videocam/digicam. My phone was the most convenient recorder I could grab hold of at that spur of time. So hate the annoying buzzing sound in the background. Maybe it’s time for a new phone.. :P

Enjoy the clip … “Phone Conversation

16 thoughts on “Phone Conversation”

  1. Wah… impressed! He’s not even 3 y.o. yet, and yet, he could speak so many words.

    Harlow? Harlow? That part is very funny!

    EM: Hahaha.. yes.. that part was really funny. At first I tried correcting him (hello) but he kept using harlow each time. But now I thought it’s kinda cute and just let it be…

  2. Very geram issenit…got video cam but so hard to record great moments with it.

    EM: Super geram! It’s like when I have it, nothing to record, when I don’t the moment came…

  3. I think you should get a video phone ler… then can see Daddy while talking ehhehe…

    EM: Mine is a 3G phone but Daddy’s I-phone tak la :(

  4. Go get the 3G phone… hehehe Can see face even more shiok!

    EM: Last time we did before hubs got a new phone.

  5. he sounds really cute. sorry haven’t been able to post messages on wordpress at work due to firewalls. Just got my internet connection at home up and running after 6 frustrating months

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