Yesterday……..Last night….

@ 30 months 1 week 1 day


I was reading HerWorld magazine in the morning when it suddenly crossed my mind that I have not heard the 3 words from my hubs for a looooooooong time. We still get our usual goodbye, goodnight kiss but … mmm.. I have no recollection when was the last time he said ‘I Luurvvee You’ (apart from when he was travelling). Maybe I wasn’t in the pinkest oh health for the last 2 days which explains why I wasn’t in my bestest mood either. So I grabbed my phone and I texted him…

Me: When was the last time you said I Love You to me? Freaking long time ago right!!!!!!!!!!!




after 10 mins, I received a sms reply from hubs.

Hubs: Everyday! In my heart, you cannot hear.

Me: O-o-o *chuckled*


 Last night…….

When I was tucking Ryan in bed….

Ryan: (Tossing and turning on the bed not able to sleep….)
Mommy: Ryan, it’s very late now. You better get some sleep.
Ryan: (Drinking his milk).. how about goodnight kiss
Mommy: (Again?? Given him goodnight kiss earlier) OK.. ‘muaks’
Ryan: How about 5 times? (he always use the number 5 as an indication of many/a lot)
Mommy: (after 5 kisses) Ok.. sleep now. Close your eyes, don’t move and don’t talk. Then it’ll be easier to fall asleep. (Meanwhile, I was keeping myself occupied with Marble game on my phone)

After 20 mins my boy was still awake, tossing and turning in the dark.

Ryan: Mommy, what you doing? How about mommy close eyes?
Mommy: O-o-o Okay Okay (feeling guilty and paused my game)
Ryan: How about hold hand mommy?
Mommy: OK la…  (and we held our hands in dark…heehee..) ..

…after another 15 mins or so, he was still awake…

Mommy: Ryan, you better sleep now else mommy will go out and you sleep alone here!
Ryan: Sleep already mommy
Mommy: Huh?? *chuckled*

See, I’m only a ‘xiao nu ren’ (???), small little thing like this puts a smile on my face…..

25 thoughts on “Yesterday……..Last night….”

  1. Yvonne, I LOVE YOU TOO!!! don’t be sad ok ? hehehehe….

    man oh man .. i believe the boyfriend will not say “love you” for long also :(

    EM: Don’t worry dear. You pat toh 3 months only. Still very loving period. Me and my lokong together 15 years already since we dated …

  2. hehe at least u get good night kiss from yr hub ok.. i dun get any also. not even a good night look. :P

    EM: Maybe he does after you ZZzzz……Some like to do it discreetly le. :P

  3. hey Ryan look so much like the daddy “photostat” sorry ar mummy..not to offend u..

    ryan is so cute..asking to hold hands la…hhehehe

    hv a good weekend…

  4. Hey Yvonne, I must say your photography skill is GOOD!! Most your pic (like this one) are super clear, always with right exposure!! Any tips of snappign good pic with low noise?? A lot of my pic turn out very grainy. I am trying to take good pic and understand the theory of aperture, shutter, ISO but when I put them into use, difficult, my pic turn out high noice, wrogn exposure. I know all i need is prastice but if you have any tips, pls share….will you??

    Ryan is such a cutie…very loving and sweet. You are a proud mummy!!!

    EM: Emily… I’m also a noobie in slr. Many other sifus here. But always like to share tips. Ping me ya. :D

  5. I’m like Sasha la..I konk out before we even get a good night kiss or good night look..hahaha..

    EM: I cannot sleep if I didnt get good night kiss. Blehhh….

  6. haha….that nite sure kenot sleep oredi hoh :P

    EM: Can can… Just kinda funny when he said he’s asleep yet can speak to me at the same time.

  7. can play games while pretending to sleep with Ryan, so terror ah. I sure konk before she sleeps, almost every night.

    Mr Lim sure knows how to give u a good answer.

    EM: I try to stay awake cos that’s only time I could spend some meme time. Mr Lim.. you know him le.. always pulling my legs. :P

  8. Awww … such a sweet moment .. how not to be ‘melted’ by little Ryan!

    EM: He can really be a charmer when he’s in the mood for it…

  9. Both your big darling and small darling sure know how to make u melt ya…hahaha….

    EM: Maybe they boys know too well if they don’t melt me, I will melt them (as in *goreng* them). Hahahaha…

  10. Nothing makes us happier than having a hubs to love us, and a baby to make us feel important :) Your boy very cheeky yah!

    EM: Ryan can really win our hearts when he’s not *naughty*

  11. wah…i can’t imagine hubby getting such an sms fr me…maybe i shld ‘try’ him :p Mr Lim is also v cheeky like your boy yah! haha…

    EM: Muahahaha.. he will fall off his chair in that room. I can imagine that. Kakakakaka…

  12. Awww…your hubby’s sms sure melted your heart hor…

    Ryan already sleep in his own room ah? So BRAVEEEEEE

    EM: Nah.. he’s still sleeping with us.. on the same bed!

  13. Alamak, i forgot to say for quite sometime liao also… go home and say tonight… hehehehehe

    EM: I’m sure Morin will be as pleased as me.. :P

  14. hahaha… i sms my hubby the same thing when i realise that he didnt say those words in months! LOL… we gals are horrible =P

    EM: Hehehehe… gals are gals :P

  15. awwww…so sweet…i’m trying to remember when was the last time kieeran asked me to kiss him….can’t remember!

    EM: As they grow older.. they become less affectionate with mommy.. :(

  16. So lovely ah… 15 years liao… me and my hub in 7th ‘itchy’ year now…hahah..

    lil Ryan so manja…:)

    EM: I’m gonna miss Ryan’s manja phase when he grows older :(

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