CNY 2009

so… backdated

24th Jan (Saturday)

We started our journey from Singapore around 8.30pm on the 23rd Jan (Friday). We took our own sweet time eating our dinner and checking the live traffic feeds at the Tuas checkpoint every 10 minutes or so. At around 8.30pm, the traffic at the checkpoint seemed to ease a little. So we packed up everything and left home for our journey home.

Traffic was not smooth sailing all the way. We were made to Q for about 20 minutes before we could cross the border which frankly wasn’t too bad. There was once we spent 45 minutes at the checkpoint which otherwise will only take 10 minutes to clear.

The North South highway was busy and there were a lot of cars on the road. Nevertheless, there was no bumper to bumper jam which some of my friends had experienced that morning itself. It took us approximately 4 hours to reach our home in Cheras.

As usual, Ryan woke up when we got home. YehYeh was still wide awake. He usually does when he knows we’re coming back which is understandable.. am sure he misses his son and grandson lotsssss.

One of the things that Ryan was looking forward to do at home.. yes.. watering the plants.. :D

That night we had our first ‘Lo Sung’ at Pek Wah Restaurant, which serves one of the yummiest Lo Sung in town (in our opinion).

CNY Eve, 25th Jan (Sunday)

We spent the chinese new year eve at home. MIL was busy preparing CNY reunion dinner.  MIL is a good cook. So whipping up 5 dishes,1 soup for 8 pax is easy peasy for her. It has been a while since we had such full spread of ‘chue ka soong’ (home cooked food. We normally just have 2 -3 dishes plus soup in Singapore).

Having a blast on the pebble stones just before reunion dinner.

Hubs bit his tongue and managed to complete the walk. For me, I sucks.. I can’t complete the walk without jumping out of pain. On the other hand, this boy of mine can walk up and down many rounds. Oh dear.. I hope I don’t have any hidden illness inside my body.

Ryan, still monkey-ing around at the dinner table

Just before bedtime, Ryan received his first angpow for the year of Ox. It is believed to bring good luck if you sleep on the pillow with the angpow inside. Not sure how true but we complied anyhow. :D

Day 1, 26th Jan (Monday)

Ryan woke up around 8am. After dressing up, we went downstairs to pai nin (greet elders with cny greetings). After exchanging angpows, we were all geared to visit Great Grand Uncle for vegetarian breakfast. It is a tradition for us to abstain from meat for half a day on the first day of CNY. Last time we had this tradition to go Genting for half a day on the 1st day of CNY but in the late years, that tradition seemed to be getting less support. Quite a pity.

Family photo and the three generations of YehYeh, Daddy and Ryan

That night we went out of tradition and decided to have Malay food. Hubs suggested this Malay restaurant in The Gardens.

Nasi Kerabu

We all had Nasi Kerabu at this Restaurant Belanga since hubby went hyping about how yummy the food is for days since he had it the first time last Saturday. It turns out.. haiz.. so so only in my opinion. Maybe I was equipped with too high of an expectation.

Day 2, 27th Jan (Tuesday)

Yippee… we went to Spring Gardens at Mid Valley for breakfast with Por Por. Didn’t quite have a plesant visit there as we were made to wait for 1 hour before they serve our pre-ordered dim sums due to a boo boo made by the waitress. On normal days I would have lost my temper but that day I only made a small remark. Give them chance…

Breakfast at Spring Gardens Mid Valley with mom, sis and cousin Wei Wei.

That night, we went to Tony Romas, Pavillion for dinner. Another non chinese meal on CNY. Hahaha.. this time it was my brilliant idea.  

Very sinful food @ Tony Romas. Ryan on the other hand had his usual home cooked meal and fries from our portion.

Day 3, 28th Jan (Wednesday)

Hubs told me he wanted to go Sg Wang to stock up on some computer peripherals. Little did we expect Sg Wang was already packed with people when we got there around 11am. After stocking on what’s needed, we decided to take a quickie chill at Coffee Bean. It’s been awhile since we had Coffee Bean’s Ice Blended Pure Chocolate. 

With whipped cream.. argghh.. fattening I know :(

At night we met up with some good buddies for steamboat at one of the restaurants in Kepong near Pak Leng’s house. Food was average, nonetheless the companions were superb. After food, we adjourned to Pak Leng’s house for some ‘games’. We left his place around 2.30am, with abour RM100 damage to our pockets. What a bunch of ‘lan to gwai’. Heehee..

Day 4, 29th Jan (Thursday)

I woke up around 8am despite sleeping very late the night before. We paid a visit to Por Por’s place again this morning. Ryan had another blast of time with all his cousins and second cousins.

Group photo (L-R: Atiqah, Ryan, Adam, Aisyah and Wei Wei)

At night, we went to Kopitiam, Jusco Selatan for dinner. FIL was craving for their kuey teow noodles. I chose to have sinful Nasi Rendang instead. Arrghh… lost count how many sinful food I had these few days. Well, the strategy is, ‘eat first worry later’.

After dinner, we went to the games arcade inside Jusco for Ryan to have his round of fun.

 Day 5, 30th Jan (Friday)

We had some friends over for visiting so we stayed home the whole morning and afternoon. At night, we went I- Dragon, Mid Valley for dinner.

Day 6, 31st Jan (Saturday)

Saturday started off with yet another excitement. I was really looking forward to the buffet lunch at Cititel Mid Valley gathering about 15 of us, ex Convent girls, some of whom I had not met since school days (not that long ago.. LOL). Speaking of time flies here.

Group photo

That night we went to Pek Wah restaurant again. Another round of ‘Lo Sung’ and Shark fins soup to go with out meal. Slurpss…

Ryan said he wanted to hug Ni Hui during the photo taking. Little did I expect him to be so rough. Look at the poor girl. I think I can hear her screaming from her heart out..  

Day 7, 1st Feb (Sunday)

This morning I decided to pay Ryan’s nanny a visit. She was obviously delighted about us going over and called Fei Mui to drop by. Ryan used to be very close to nanny. I dare to say he was closer to nanny than his own mommy during his baby days when nanny was still baby sitting him. This day, what was left was just vivid memories. I asked Ryan if he remembers nanny. He gave me a sheepish smile and shake his head. Hope he won’t say the same to me when he’s a grown young man many years later.

Ryan absolutely adores young children so much so that he can never get his hands off them. See how Ryan harrassed FeiMui (who is growing into a really pretty young girl :D ). I asked Ryan why he touched FeiMui’s face. At first he said he wanted to test if her face is ‘hard or soft‘ then he said he wanted to know if her face is ‘hot or cold’. What a silly excuse. *faint* 

Day 8th, 2nd Feb (Monday)

We left KL at about 11.45am. Traffic was very smooth and it only took us about 3 hours to reach Singapore.

That was how we spent out week long CNY holiday in KL.

4 thoughts on “CNY 2009”

  1. Your family also like Pik Wah restaurant…same to my FIL…whenever any function comes to eat, sure go there…

    Your CNY is very good, many visiting and good foods.

  2. wah wah wah…so much good food during the CNY. good for you cos you don’t put on weight at all.

    hmm..i can tell that you like to go to mid valley a lot eh? hehehheehehe.

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