Driver Wannabe

@ 41 months 1 day

Ryan is a big aficionado of cars. He could recognise and name most of the cars on the road these days. His interests grew over time and now he’s into asking us the functions and how the various buttons, pedals in the car works. Even the road signs are of interest to him now.

This happened when we were in KL last week.

…no, this is not our car.

Driving F1 style, leg on each pedal. LOL :P


8 thoughts on “Driver Wannabe”

  1. now is father bring son to test car, in the future will be son bring the father to test car, father will be as happy as Ryan now…:)

    btw,is he wearing crocs thomas shoe? i wan to get one for my son as he No.1 Thomas fan.. too bad we cannot find his size in of the shopping mall…

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