Ryan’s reaction….

@ 41 months 2 weeks 5 days

I broke the news to Ryan 2 days after I found out I was pregnant with BB2 (19 May 2009). Not being biased. Daddy and son actually found out about the news on the same day. Come to think of it, how did I manage to keep mum for 2 days without spilling the beans.

Back to Ryan, I wasn’t sure what to expect of him. Not knowing if he would welcome an addition to the family, not sure if he would feel his one and only spot would be threatened, etc. Having said so, to my pleasant surprise, he accepted BB2 immediately. I asked him if he would want a little brother or sister. Without hesitatetion, he said ‘LITTLE BROTHER’. *smile*. He was evidently thrilled with excitement and curiousity. From then, his questions never ends. 

I’m almost 6 months into my pregnany and I could see Ryan’s affections towards ‘little brother’ are fonder by the day. I showed Ryan the scan pictures starting from my 3rd month scan  and I was so content when I see the smile on his face each time he look at the pictures. Every now and then, he would ask me if I have any new pictures of the baby. So he has seen picture of his little brother from pea size until now almost 6 months geatational size.

I explained to Ryan that baby will only come out once he has grown into a healthy size. He seem to take on the explanation quite well. He asked if he went through the same process when he was a baby. I’m glad Ryan is such a mature child who understands why mommy couldn’t carry him now, why he couldn’t rest his legs on mommy’s tummy, why sooner or later we won’t be able to shower together, why mommy’s tummy is growing bigger and bigger, what not.

Affections. Ryan has always been an affectionate boy. He’s the type who would not hesitate to show you his limitless love, name it by words or physical (the innumerable hugs and kisses). OMG, this is the time when I wish I could put a pause to time. I am already missing him. He’s growing up too too fast. That said, there is no surprise he too made no reservation showering his affections to little brother. He would ask me to lift my shirt so he could touch and kiss my tummy, speak to little brother (saying hi and byes), put his hand on my tummy to feel little brother’s kicks… something I would expect from Daddy really.

Jealousy. Yes and No. Ryan did not show any negative reations towards the impending arrival of a new family member. I guess to him, having another baby at home simply mean having another playmate/ toy to play with. Clinginess yes!!! To the certain extent he would just walk behind me around the house; like my mini shadow. I used to be able to kiss him goodbye and leave the house to run some errands. Now, back to sneaking out days. On good days, he would be contented to stay home with my helper. On bad days, he would call me on my mobile several times asking me where I was, what time I would be home, etc (yea.. we have our numbers stick on the wall, so he could call us anytime he wants).

Once we asked Ryan if he’s willing to share his books, toys etc with little brother.

Would you share your toys with little brother?” I asked.
Yes mommy. I’ll give my Ultraman to little brother” *sweet eventhough that’s because he’s not longer into Ultraman craze* 

Mommy… I want to wear this shirt” Ryan insisted on wearing an old shirt which he outgrown
No.. it’s too small for you” I insisted
Must keep for little brother?” he asked….

I’m glad he has his little brother in his thoughts all the time……. *sweet*


I still remember his first step of independence when he was 11 months. Now he’s cycling… how time flies, really!


Caught in the act vandalising the fountain


He love the slides but it was always difficult for him to take the first few steps because he would scream saying it was too high. I am not surprised he has agrophobia (height) like YehYeh. :(


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