Ryan’s First Movie

@ 43 months 4 weeks 1 days

I’ve always wanted to bring Ryan for a movie. When Up was showing few months ago, we missed the opportunity. Not sure what I was busy with then but somehow we did not make it.

I came across Princess And The Frog on paper last week and I was adamant to bring Ryan this time. Afterall, lil B will be arriving in approximately a month’s time. After the arrival, I would definitely be less mobile. :( So yesterday off we went to Cheras Selatan for the 1.45pm show. I was optimistic we would be able get good seats therefor I did not make any advance booking. That proved to be a mistake. The good seats were all taken and I was left with the option of seats 6th row from the screen. I decided to take a rain check.

This morning, Ryan woke up around 9.40am. I’m very sure he will skip his nap so I made plans to go for the movie today. Lesson learned. I made an online booking for the 1.45pm show at Mid Valley for 2 adults (RM9 ea) and Ryan (RM6 ea). I chose the seats on last row. Wise choice.

It was bumper to bumper traffic around Mid Valley. At 1.30am, we were still nowhere inside the parking lot. Luckily the entrance to the Premier’s was still accessible despite the red indicator. I managed to get a parking space without much effort and we zoomed straight to the cinema hall to collect my tickets. 

Ryan was very excited. He was full of questions the moment we settled on our seats. He was curious to know every tiny details from the cinema settings, lightings, screen size down to the speakers behind our seats. Ocassionally I also acted as the movie’s narrator for this little fella. I’m not sure if Ryan truly enjoyed such a show as certain parts were quite wordy for a child his age but I for sure have no regrets. I especially love the part Ryan leaned on my arms quietly watching the flow of the story. So S-W-E-E-T.

The movie ended about 90 minutes later. I asked Ryan if he enjoyed the movie. He screamed YES! without hesitation. I’m not sure if he truly understand the whole story line but it was indeed a good experience for both of us. I have no qualms and I’m very sure we would have our 2nd experience again pretty soon.


6 thoughts on “Ryan’s First Movie”

  1. have not seen Ryan’s pic for a while. Ryan is a big boy now.

    We have not brought Malaika to the cinema yet. Will pestering Terry to bring her soon. Me, will have to stay back to take care of the little one lo.

  2. good boy… Hao still will fall into sleep before mid of the show..hahha… as we used to choose his nap time to watch :p to avoid any halfway leaving… kekek.. btw, Ryan looks tall in this pix …

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