Ryan at new school

@ 45 months 3 weeks 5 days

Hubs and I attended Ryan’s school orientation on the 2nd Jan 2010. Eventhough Ryan had attended a 10 months of school during our stay in Singapore, we were still worried about how he’ll cope in a new school new environment new teachers and friends.

The orientation lasted about 3 hours during which all parents were seated in our respective class during the whole session. The kids were losing patience and it was getting a tiny bit too hot for everyone. Being heavily pregnant, I was sweating from head to toe. We couldn’t be more pleased when the session ended.

The first 3 days school hours ended at 10.30am (2 hours), the 4th day onwards the school finishes at 12noon. During the first 3 days I never left Ryan’s sight more than 15 minutes. With such arrangement, he had no problem participating in the activities and was evidently enjoying school. On the 4th and 5th day, I began distancing myself. Expectedly he cried. Big sigh.

The following week, I left Ryan with the teachers after bidding goodbye. Eventhough I had gone through worse separation anxiety when Ryan started school last year when he was barely 3, this time round it was neither easy. It was heart breaking, very.

The 3rd week (week 18th Jan), Ryan only attended school for 3 days during which he was all a-okay. To my relief he did not cry. Since I had an appointment with my obgyn on Thursday, Ryan skipped school that day. On Friday, mommy gave birth to lil Darren. Therefor he skipped school another day and for the rest of the following week.

New school new environment

Ryan ‘muka sepuluh sen’ during orientation 

The classroom


First day at school


Never to be missed after school activity


Enjoying a story book in class

One thought on “Ryan at new school”

  1. His school looks nice esp the open windows and space :)

    3 hours??? I think I’ll be clawing the walls if Lucas and I had to sit through such a long period LOL

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