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It’s really hard to believe these kind of work came from a 4 year old and it’s not in a good way. Yesterday evening, Ryan decided he’s going to be Picasso in the making. He grabbed the marker and started using the settee as his drawing board.

I found out about this horrible incident around dinner time. That was when I saw Loida stood there like a piece of wood, MahMah busy making efforts to wipe off the marking while YehYeh kept saying it’s okay, it’s okay just wipe off. 

I was so upset. Upset partly because he ruined the expensive leather but I’m more saddened by the fact he is now acting so much like a spoilt brat these days.

I can’t say Ryan is an angel but over the last few years he is considered a pretty well behaved kid. It’s just hard to believe when he’s at the age he’s supposed to be more mature, he showed us this side of immaturity.

I would have given him a good punishment for his misbehaviour but after listening to all sides of stories, fault is not on him alone. Of course I did give him a lecture but if there is anyone to be blamed for this incident, Ryan is not the only one who should get the boot from me. Long story short, let’s just say he is overly pampered since we are back in KL.

He basically drew on all the 3+2+2 couch *faint*







The pictures didn’t do justice to the damage on the couch.. It was so much more obvious espeically with lights on. He even drew on the glass table. Luckily that was easy to wash off. Horrible.

4 thoughts on “Vandalism”

  1. Sometimes we think they are old and mature enough, still they are still a child. I am sure he has learn his lesson and wont do it again.

  2. i have this problem though it is not delibrately done. Raelynne normally wants to do her drawing/writing/etc all on the couch and not on the table

  3. Ouch…but he’s quite a good artist!

    I think you’re very patient and kind. I would have whacked my boy in the butt already LOL I agree with you – I also think that he’s worse behaved back home than he was just with us.

    Anyway, I share with you the “pain” of having a terrible year. Dunno what got into them. I read that 5 year olds are matured young men. Let’s wait and see, ok? ;-)

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