Surprise Gift for Ryan

@ 4 years 2 months 1 week

We decided to get Ryan his very own laptop.

Before he left for school yesterday, I told him I will give him a surprise when he comes home from school. So when he came home, he dashed up to my room and asked me about it. He was evidently excited and kept searching around the room not knowing I had left it in the play room.

Gotcha. Found it!

Lucky boy


Yet to warm up to his new toy …….
He said he wanted to go buy a mouse NOW (coincidentally his mouse spoiled on the same day after Loida washed it under running water due to pile of ants on the mouse. So smart right). Nevermind. When Daddy found out, Daddy got him a new Microsoft mouse in his favourite green color that very same night


We bookmarked all the Disney games and learning sites for him so he knows how to operate and get into the sites all by himself. Seen here playing Handy Manny games. No choice, he had to use the touchpad until the new one arrives when Daddy’s back.


I asked him if he knows who gave him the gift. He screamed in delight “Daddy”!!!!!!!!!! Then he insisted he must draw a thank you card for his beloved generous Daddy.


Awwww… how sweet. *I gave him a helping hand with the colouring of the pink heart. The rest were not my credit*
This boy sure knows how to ‘kiwi’ the Daddy.

Ryan actually asked if we bought him the laptop so he wouldn’t be using Daddy or Mommy’s :P. Well , partly yes.


6 thoughts on “Surprise Gift for Ryan”

  1. sei for lor…if Ryan wants the moon…daddy have to get it too??? ehehehhehe lucky ryan. Hope he loves his lappie n used it often to make the money worth. philip is using my old old windows nt punya..

  2. wah… new lappy for Ryan… lucky boy… M is still using the toy lappy… actually Terry has been thinking of getting her one too, but I objected. May be for Christmas, see how she behaves for the next 6 months hor.. ;)

  3. Seems like mama will have an additional ‘job’, to monitor Ryan’s usage of computer in the future. He might get addicted to games :p *fingers crossed, hopefully not lah*

  4. Wow, that’s pretty fast! Lucas bugged me for one too and the Dad would have got it too but I said NO. Instead, I got him one of those laptops for learning Chinese. It comes with a mouse so he’s happy with it so far.

    I just have to bear with “Xia pen you, zai jian” EVERY time he inserts/removes a card LOL Imagine listening to that 10x when he’s on a roll…

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