Ryan @ 4 years

@ 4 years 3 months 3 weeks 5 daysEversince the arrival of lil B, the time I spent with Ryan has been cut short. When lil B was younger, it was even more difficult to divide time. Ryan who was so used to having mommy all by himself had a hard time adjusting (I think). Why I think so because during the week of Mother’s Day, the topic of Mommy was brought up in school. When it was Ryan’s turn to express, he told “Mommy cannot play with me anymore. Mommy needs to take care of Didi” . My heart sank into my stomach when I hear that from the teacher’s mouth. I must have taken things for granted.

 Thankfully things have improved tremendously in the last few months. Lil B, despite being a bad sleeper, is a relatively easy baby to care for. I am now able to spend more time with Ryan.

Some updates on Ryan: 

** Ryan started going to BaoBei Reading Wonderland for mandarin enrichment class this month. I enrolled him for a 3 day week programme, 1.5 hours each. I was contemplating whether to enrol him for Shichida or BaoBei since both uses Right Brain teaching. Since Shichida’s timing wasn’t too favourable, I decided to go with BaoBei for a term and we’ll see the progress. It’s the second week since his lesson started and I’m glad he’s enjoying the sessions very much.

** Ryan was supposed to start his art lesson last month but because he was down with flu for 2 weeks, we decided to postpone it to August intake. Last Saturday he went for his first art lesson. The class has 3 other children – all three are his classmates from school so he had no problem adjusting.  The fees was very reasonable too. RM50 for 1 hour * 4 times a month. :D.

** It has become a norm for Ryan to skip his nap. Everytime I sounded him to go take a nap, he’ll tell me ‘Aahh.. but I’m not sleepy. I still want to play’. Play by all means here meaning indulging in all sorts of activities ie dough, blocks, Wii, cars, fighter jets, cartoons, etc etc (he’s not into Ultraman anymore. Think he kinda grew out of it). Everyday, we have this ‘rule’ to at least read 3 books. Hate to say this but Ryan is not a book person. He’s very interested in mechanical activities. Just the other day, out of the sudden, he told me he wanted to do some ‘experiment’. He asked me to help him look for this ‘experiment book’. At first I couldn’t recall which book he was referring to. Eventually I remembered there was this book I bought when we were in Singapore about the simple experiments one can do at home. That’s my boy. He remembers all his belongings ‘books, toys, clothes, even those tiny silly twist egg toys we collected all these while’. That is also why we never threw away his old things as he gets upset if we couldn’t find it.

** He likes to sing ‘Oh Di Di, Oh Di Di’ repeatedly in front of lil B and the latter will get eagerly excited when kor kor is around. During the day, he will also sing ‘I love you Daddy deep down in my heart”. He’s also into a few other Mandarin songs but they were in parts and pieces so I couldn’t make out what songs were they. He can sing a few Malay songs too and everytime he does that I just couldn’t helped but smile at the way he pronounce the words. He’s really cute.

** Ryan is a very competitive child, sometimes a bit overly competitive as he gets upset when he lose a game. Example, he’s really good at Wii tennis and Hotwheels now. Nobody could beat him but occasionally when he does lose, he will cry. Really bad. Wish he can be more sporting – something we are working really hard to mould him

One thought on “Ryan @ 4 years”

  1. hahhaa… very soon, little B will join big kor kor.. they will have so much fun together.. trust me…

    He is a boy mah.. by nature, like mechanical stuff mah

    Malaika, too is very competitive, cannot lose one… I think all children are like this, I read it somewhere, just need to slowly educate and guide them lo…

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